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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign : Oral B Supernova 3

Still remember how excited i was when i first received the offer email from Nuffnang stating that i was selected to participate in a Nuffnang Blogbuster campaign. Everything is still fresh in my head. ツ Well, im not sure whether we are selected based on our blog traffic statistics or it's just pure luck. 
Errrm....I choose to believe that i'm the lucky one ngehehehh \ ˚▽˚ / syoksendiri

Now, just incase you are wondering....

What is a Blogbuster?
Similar to the usual CPC/CPUV campaigns found on our Nuffnang ad units, a Blogbuster ad is a type of advertisement shown on the ad units placed on your blog or website. Blogbuster ads are expanding ads (ads that change their size dynamically) that display an advertisement video starring the blogger. Yes, that means you get to star in your own exciting video on your blog!
For more info :

And the main attraction is.....
You get to earn RM0.50 for each complete play of the video that is shown on your ad unit (this rate applies to Glitterati members only)! KA-CHING$$!!!! ❂◡❂ alrightstopdroolingalreadehh

How to participate in Nuffnang Blogbuster campaign?
- Rule number #1 : 
Ensure you agree to run EXPANDABLE ADS for your survey preference in your Nuffnang account. "Would you be willing to run expanding ads (ads that change their size dynamically)?" YES.
- Rule number #2 : 
Refer to rule number #1 :p

Once you get the offer, they will ask you to record a 10second video accordingly to the respective campaign, obeying certain rules and to be submitted before the given dateline. However, submitting your video on time does not guarantee that your video will be selected though. So make sure you do it properly okayy (◐.̃◐) 

Spend some time brainstorming and be creative. Well, i'm not saying that im creative la lol just lucky :) everything has its first time. When you never try, you'll never know. Recording a 10s video may sounds easy, but trust me, it's not easy at all! -.- especially for typical noob like me zzzz. Believe it or not, i actually spend hours trimming and editing my 10s video /facepalm damn noob i know dafuq T.T

Not to mention that im already fully occupied with my Internship Life and by the time i got home every day, it's already late night, totally exhausted. Zero energy left. Well, obviosly i did not gave up. I was too excited. And desperate lol. I pour in my 101% effort /coughh, 1shot 2shot 3shot, trying and experimenting, burning midnight oil and finallehhh, i'm done hellyeah!

Submitted just right before the deadline pheww (─‿‿─) last-minute kaki hehehh. And so i wait, and wait, and w-a-i-t.... . . .i was pretty excited, damn hardworking checking my account everyday /FACEPALM lolll dont laugh...and continue waitingggg.... . . . . one day two days three days . . . . zzz started to lose hope. Is alright, better luck next time, i comforted myself. I did not regret though and in fact, i actually kinda enjoy doing it lol. not

And....yes, you guess it right. Everything has an exception. Like my case, i was so fortunate. Long after the deadline, even the campaign had already started running, suddenly on one fine day, i got an email from Nuffnang. I was ask to amend my video as they thinks that my video has the potential /coughh chehhwahhh (≧◡≦) hahahh..just lacking abit here and there. And so I amended my video according to their request and resubmitted. 

I submitted two videos, which means i have to amend two videos. Of course i have the choice to only amend one and submit one, but as i told ya earlier, i was desperate lol. Plus since i was already doing it, so yea..amended both together. Not later i received another email again, stating that my videos are lack of another 'something' == and i was like,..... . .

No, seriously, why you no tell me earlier -_- I could have amend it together one shot right?..Zzz double work, waste my time and energy tsk. For this second time, i was really zzzz  and about to give up as i was already so hectic with my other workload and the new amended video were to be submitted on the same day. And again, even you submitted after you amended, it still does not guarantee that your video will be chosen. Oh just great pfft. But of course, I still did it in the end :3

And this time, im proud to say that my hardwork had finally paid off :D yayyy! 
My video proposed for Nuffnang Blogbuster Oral B Supernova 3 campaign got APPROVED!! Eventhough it got approved kinda late, but STILL :P WOOHOOOO!! 
It will be LIVE on my blog from 17 May till 29 May during certain period of time.
Have you watch it yet?!! You better be! Because there's no way i'm gonna upload it personally's too silly and super embarrassing...really. Haha anway, i'm still pretty grateful for the opportunity :) Thank you Nuffnang! ^◡^

♔ JuliannaC.♔

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