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Saturday, 28 June 2014

TRAVEL | My Unforgettable Korea Trip! (PART I)

Morning summer in Korea. Super grateful for such purrrrfect weather, so lovely! 
Feel like i'm in Genting Highland. So misty and cooling weee~ 
We spent our first night in Korea in Delpino Resort. 

Here's how our hotel room in Delpino looks like. Very spacious and well equipped, everything is there. There is even kitchen and stove for you to do your cooking. But one thing i noticed is, all hotels in Korea, well maybe not all, but all the three hotels that i stayed in during my trip, have one similarity, which is all the dressing mirror in the room is directly facing to the bed. Is there a reason behind it? Just curious. You know, for Chinese, some kinda 'pantang' with it and will usually cover it up with towel and so. Like my mum haha.  

Anyway, there's a nice park right outside of the hotel, which means, photo time! (>‿◠)✌
The park is design to be similar to Greece Stone Age kinda style. Beautiful!

Next stop, to Seoraksan National Park we go! Words just couldn't express how much i love the weather there (≧◡≦) Such breathtaking scenery!
Can you spot that tiny cable car there? Too bad we didn't get to sit (╥﹏╥) 
The queue were insane zzzz as what i've mentioned earlier, it's a holiday there, that's why everywhere is crowded with humans. And worse is, there's only one cable car operating, -.- like seriously, no wonder it's slow. Sighhh

We also went to Sinheungsa Temple which located inside Seoraksan Park.
On the way to Sinheungsa Temple, we passed by a huge Buddha statue and along the way, there were these black ceramic roof tiles(?) arrange at one side. It's for you to write your wish or something if i'm not mistaken, and of course there is no free lunch in this world. You need to pay for it as usual zzz.

We also passed by an area where all the rocks were stacked up. According to our tour guide, there's a myth, they believe that the higher the rocks are stack up, the more likely your wish are gonna come true. Well, whether its true or not, just follow the flow, no harm trying i guess :)  

Such breathtaking view! *gasp*
And an incomplete group picture before we leave. Summer in Korea is not that bad afterall ^▽^
If you've noticed from my photos above, Yeshh, Korea is so cleeeean! You barely even spot any rubbish on the ground wherever you go! Unlike in our country.. . . .   .    . /cough

Yummy Bibimbap for lunch yo omnomnomnom!

Stay tuned for my coming update on my unforgettable Korea trip part 2!
You won't regret i promise! ≧^◡^≦


Friday, 20 June 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Bloop Candy Duo Lipstick

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Yuuhuuu I'm back with another review yo!
Check out BLOOP latest release - The Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick!
5 different styles, 5 different flavours! I will be reviewing the 
Bloop Candy Duo Lipstick - Swanky 03!

Bloop brings you the Urban Style by launching 5 different colours of Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick convenient pack with matte lipstick & lip gloss to complement the City Chic’s fast-paced lifestyle needs.

Rich matte texture, Safe & long lasting, Hydrates & Moisturises, Smooth & even application, Reduces appearance of fine lines and, IT'S SUPER CONVENIENT!! 

If you noticed, there's actually number labelled on the cap. Apply the matte lipstick first, follow by the lip gloss for extra shine and glossy. Or you can even apply the lip balm first before applying the matte lipstick if you think the lipstick texture is not moisture enough for you. Or, if you prefer to go simple on that specific day, why not try applying the lip gloss alone. Sweet and simple. (◡‿◡✿)

Here's the close-up picture of the colour and texture of The Swanky 03 under fluorescent lightings. Fuchsia Pink. The real colour won't go too far from it i promise :)

Personally love their packaging! ヽ(^。^)ノ 

Totally different from the others and has it own style. Even the their lipstick box is extra eye catching! Not to mention about their extra unique duo lipstick convenient pack. It's really super convenient! I mean, well, you know, girls handbags could be really, REALLY messy at times. Sometimes when we are rushing for time or lazy, we will just dump everything in lol. Then, when we wanna use 'em, h-a-h-a digging time. Dig here, dig there, dig everywhere for it zzz, quite troublesome especially lipstick is quite small in size. 

But thankfully, with this recent collection from Bloop and the super cool duo 2in1 lipstick pack which consist of a lipstick and a lip gloss, my life has become easier :D Even better, the lipstick cap and the lip gloss are attach together to the holder so one wouldn't need to worry of losing or dropping it anymore! (^▽^) Well, you know, girls can be super clumsy at times lol.

Casually swag yo! /breakdanceonthefloor xD

This is actually my first attempt on fuchsia colour lipstick and i kinda like it. I think it suits me well. :P What do you think? Very easy to mix and match. Be it you are going casual or even sweet girly look, it works perfectly fine! ●‿● It helps creating trendy makeup styles from street to vogue, perfect fit for a Swanky Chic who likes to mix & match! like me hehehh :p

So, what are you waiting for?! 
Head over to BLOOP now and first 50 customers with any online purchase will get 
1 Lip Gloss (worth RM28) for FREE! :D

That's not it! You also get to enjoy 5% discount off for all the Bloop items purchased by just simply key in the Referral Code bloop#juliannachan when you checkout! 

And and and, with RM80 purchase and above in a single transaction, you'll also be eligible for 
FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia!

Definitely a steal!! ✯◡✯

For more info and updates, visit Bloop's :

Thanks for reading thus far! *sniff sniff  Byeee xx :*


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Internship : The Embarrassing Moment

So...i'm finally done with my two months internship. What's next? 
This two months have been..uhm..quite satisfying to me, not that bad afterall minus the daily OT and stressful rushing life. Everyone is very kind to me (^,^) and i have two funny bosses. Now, recalling back one of the most embarrassing moment during my internship. That incident is still so fresh in my mind. Lol i'm laughing alone right now just to think of it. Happened quite a while ago, about few weeks back. There's one afternoon, when i went to the pantry, as usual hunting for some snacks. And then i found the last packet of the yummy fattening peanut butter biscuit. I took it then went back door and wanted to throw the wrappers away. I thought i was lucky UNTIL THE TRAGIC INCIDENT TOOK PLACE LOL WTF. 

I opened the huge black rubbish bin incautiously and suddenly, the gigantic lizard inside jumped out towards me homaigawddd! It's not even normal lizard wth it has stripes on its body!! I got sibehhh shocked and frighten that i scream my lungs liver stomach gall bladder intestine out! I threw back the bin cover right away and run for maiiiii life! I jumped in and bang the door shut loudly /hideface. Then as i turned back, the whole office is staring at me lol wtf. Awkwarddddd. 

They were like whuttt? No, not really.

This? haha close enough.

So damn embarrassing i swear.  And hilarious lol. Everybody was stunned, pause whatever they were doing and stared at me, as if the time have stop running. A moment of silence. And everyone started laughing including myself lmao. They were like 'what is she trying to do?' or 'is she okay?' and give me the surprise look because they had never seen me acting that way throughout the whole time lol. Well, i guess to them im like the quiet, emotionless one. Never expect me to act that way. Not at all lol. 

And thennn, after a couple of moments, after everyone calmed down and got back to their work, here came the site supervisor who just arrived, walked into the office. The first thing he said as he stepped into the office, "Just now did you guys heard of anything? Is somebody screaming?" LMAO nobody reply and everyone started laughing again xDD sibehh embarassing /facepalm. Silly times :')

Sighh. I'll sure miss them eventhough its just a short period of two months. Not very close to each other, but i already got used to them. And also got used to working late and over time lifestyle. Sniff sniff :'( I just dislike goodbyes. This is LIFE.


Monday, 16 June 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls

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Hello peeps! This time around i'm gonna be sharing my review on the very hit Tokyo Love Soap. 
And incase you don't know, it is also known as the 'Celebrity Soap' as it is widely used by many well-known Japanese and Korean artists. Tokyo Love Soap comes in few different types and the one i'm gonna be reviewing is The Tokyo Love Soap - Pure Girls. If you've notice and wondering, yes, it is called 'Love Soap' for a reason. It is simply because it can be used in our precious intimate areas to whiten and ensure a perfectly even skin colour and tone that he will surely desire! ahemm hehe (>‿♥)

Parcel safely arrive in good condition and nicely packed.

A close-up picture of the Tokyo Love Soap - Pure Girls.

                              ✔ Mimics the scent of natural female phermone
                              ✔ Creates a natural rosy-white complexion
                              ✔ Miroestrol from Red Kwao Krua prepares you for that intimate moment
                              ✔ Powerful natural and organic skin whitening complex
                              ✔ Lightens the skin as early as the first use
                              ✔ Refines body hair for a smoother look (Only affects fine hairs)
                              ✔ Remove discolorations, freckles, melasma, age spots and dark spots
                              ✔ Even out skin tone
                              ✔ Make pores smaller
                              ✔ Clarify and tone the pores
                              ✔ Soften and smoothen skin
                              ✔ Help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars
                              ✔ Mild enough even for use on the intimate areas

Basically you just use it as other normal soap, after wetting your skin, apply it all over your face and body. But something to take note is that, remember to leave the soap foam on your skin for at least 3 minutes (i personally leave it for 5-10 minutes). Use it consequently every day for best result. 

My personal experience and comments on Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girl:
A very nice rose-scented soap, just like perfume, and i'm sure that girls will surely love it. *sniff snifffffffff* Some may not know, almost all the normal body soaps in the market cause the skin drying effect because as it cleanse our skin, at the same time it also pulls out a big percent of the water hydration in our skin. But this Tokyo Love Soap series however, is not drying and is okay for my skin. It is suitable to be used on both face and body. In fact, it is even mild enough to be use on the intimate areas. No itchiness, nope ✓  

As for the whitening effect, it did not really works instantly on me though. Not really visible on first use. But....yes but, after using it for about 1 week consequently day and night, i did notice some changes on my skin. Here's why i say so. My foot actually got sunburned quite badly when i went for my Malacca Trip two months back. Malacca weather really no joke. Yes, i'm serious not joking, it has been two damn months and the shape of the straps design on my slippers were still there on my foot -.- Sorry no pictures, i have ugly toes ughh However, after applying this soap for some time, my foot finally found it savior thank goodness lol. It has successfully brightens my foot, the sunburn on my foot is almost not visible now! Just have to be persistent and use it for few more times yayyy \^▽^/ 
And so this actually concludes that Tokyo Love Soap really does have whitening effect ✓ Satisfied :) 

If you are interested with the soap, you can get it from Natta Cosme at affordable price! that mini fun size soap right there? It is the Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated). Not only fragrance-free, it is completely hypoallergenic and suitable for problematic skin, acne, eczema, and so on. And know what? 

Currently Natta Cosme is having some great bargains! All you need to do it just simply key in 'TLSM' into coupon code during check out and all customers are entitled to get this for FREE with a purchase of any Tokyo Love Soap in Natta Cosme! There are only a very limited of 100 pieces to be given out! So hurry and don't miss out yo!! ʘ‿ʘ 

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And a huge shoutout to Natta Cosme and their team. Thank you so much for all the opportunities given and always pampers me with loads of beauty products! A totally trustable and reliable online seller! They have the best and latest beauty products in town yo!! (*▽*) xoxo

♔ JuliannaC.♔