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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Internship : The Embarrassing Moment

So...i'm finally done with my two months internship. What's next? 
This two months have been..uhm..quite satisfying to me, not that bad afterall minus the daily OT and stressful rushing life. Everyone is very kind to me (^,^) and i have two funny bosses. Now, recalling back one of the most embarrassing moment during my internship. That incident is still so fresh in my mind. Lol i'm laughing alone right now just to think of it. Happened quite a while ago, about few weeks back. There's one afternoon, when i went to the pantry, as usual hunting for some snacks. And then i found the last packet of the yummy fattening peanut butter biscuit. I took it then went back door and wanted to throw the wrappers away. I thought i was lucky UNTIL THE TRAGIC INCIDENT TOOK PLACE LOL WTF. 

I opened the huge black rubbish bin incautiously and suddenly, the gigantic lizard inside jumped out towards me homaigawddd! It's not even normal lizard wth it has stripes on its body!! I got sibehhh shocked and frighten that i scream my lungs liver stomach gall bladder intestine out! I threw back the bin cover right away and run for maiiiii life! I jumped in and bang the door shut loudly /hideface. Then as i turned back, the whole office is staring at me lol wtf. Awkwarddddd. 

They were like whuttt? No, not really.

This? haha close enough.

So damn embarrassing i swear.  And hilarious lol. Everybody was stunned, pause whatever they were doing and stared at me, as if the time have stop running. A moment of silence. And everyone started laughing including myself lmao. They were like 'what is she trying to do?' or 'is she okay?' and give me the surprise look because they had never seen me acting that way throughout the whole time lol. Well, i guess to them im like the quiet, emotionless one. Never expect me to act that way. Not at all lol. 

And thennn, after a couple of moments, after everyone calmed down and got back to their work, here came the site supervisor who just arrived, walked into the office. The first thing he said as he stepped into the office, "Just now did you guys heard of anything? Is somebody screaming?" LMAO nobody reply and everyone started laughing again xDD sibehh embarassing /facepalm. Silly times :')

Sighh. I'll sure miss them eventhough its just a short period of two months. Not very close to each other, but i already got used to them. And also got used to working late and over time lifestyle. Sniff sniff :'( I just dislike goodbyes. This is LIFE.


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