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Saturday, 28 June 2014

TRAVEL | My Unforgettable Korea Trip! (PART I)

Morning summer in Korea. Super grateful for such purrrrfect weather, so lovely! 
Feel like i'm in Genting Highland. So misty and cooling weee~ 
We spent our first night in Korea in Delpino Resort. 

Here's how our hotel room in Delpino looks like. Very spacious and well equipped, everything is there. There is even kitchen and stove for you to do your cooking. But one thing i noticed is, all hotels in Korea, well maybe not all, but all the three hotels that i stayed in during my trip, have one similarity, which is all the dressing mirror in the room is directly facing to the bed. Is there a reason behind it? Just curious. You know, for Chinese, some kinda 'pantang' with it and will usually cover it up with towel and so. Like my mum haha.  

Anyway, there's a nice park right outside of the hotel, which means, photo time! (>‿◠)✌
The park is design to be similar to Greece Stone Age kinda style. Beautiful!

Next stop, to Seoraksan National Park we go! Words just couldn't express how much i love the weather there (≧◡≦) Such breathtaking scenery!
Can you spot that tiny cable car there? Too bad we didn't get to sit (╥﹏╥) 
The queue were insane zzzz as what i've mentioned earlier, it's a holiday there, that's why everywhere is crowded with humans. And worse is, there's only one cable car operating, -.- like seriously, no wonder it's slow. Sighhh

We also went to Sinheungsa Temple which located inside Seoraksan Park.
On the way to Sinheungsa Temple, we passed by a huge Buddha statue and along the way, there were these black ceramic roof tiles(?) arrange at one side. It's for you to write your wish or something if i'm not mistaken, and of course there is no free lunch in this world. You need to pay for it as usual zzz.

We also passed by an area where all the rocks were stacked up. According to our tour guide, there's a myth, they believe that the higher the rocks are stack up, the more likely your wish are gonna come true. Well, whether its true or not, just follow the flow, no harm trying i guess :)  

Such breathtaking view! *gasp*
And an incomplete group picture before we leave. Summer in Korea is not that bad afterall ^▽^
If you've noticed from my photos above, Yeshh, Korea is so cleeeean! You barely even spot any rubbish on the ground wherever you go! Unlike in our country.. . . .   .    . /cough

Yummy Bibimbap for lunch yo omnomnomnom!

Stay tuned for my coming update on my unforgettable Korea trip part 2!
You won't regret i promise! ≧^◡^≦


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