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Monday, 16 June 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls

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Hello peeps! This time around i'm gonna be sharing my review on the very hit Tokyo Love Soap. 
And incase you don't know, it is also known as the 'Celebrity Soap' as it is widely used by many well-known Japanese and Korean artists. Tokyo Love Soap comes in few different types and the one i'm gonna be reviewing is The Tokyo Love Soap - Pure Girls. If you've notice and wondering, yes, it is called 'Love Soap' for a reason. It is simply because it can be used in our precious intimate areas to whiten and ensure a perfectly even skin colour and tone that he will surely desire! ahemm hehe (>‿♥)

Parcel safely arrive in good condition and nicely packed.

A close-up picture of the Tokyo Love Soap - Pure Girls.

                              ✔ Mimics the scent of natural female phermone
                              ✔ Creates a natural rosy-white complexion
                              ✔ Miroestrol from Red Kwao Krua prepares you for that intimate moment
                              ✔ Powerful natural and organic skin whitening complex
                              ✔ Lightens the skin as early as the first use
                              ✔ Refines body hair for a smoother look (Only affects fine hairs)
                              ✔ Remove discolorations, freckles, melasma, age spots and dark spots
                              ✔ Even out skin tone
                              ✔ Make pores smaller
                              ✔ Clarify and tone the pores
                              ✔ Soften and smoothen skin
                              ✔ Help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars
                              ✔ Mild enough even for use on the intimate areas

Basically you just use it as other normal soap, after wetting your skin, apply it all over your face and body. But something to take note is that, remember to leave the soap foam on your skin for at least 3 minutes (i personally leave it for 5-10 minutes). Use it consequently every day for best result. 

My personal experience and comments on Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girl:
A very nice rose-scented soap, just like perfume, and i'm sure that girls will surely love it. *sniff snifffffffff* Some may not know, almost all the normal body soaps in the market cause the skin drying effect because as it cleanse our skin, at the same time it also pulls out a big percent of the water hydration in our skin. But this Tokyo Love Soap series however, is not drying and is okay for my skin. It is suitable to be used on both face and body. In fact, it is even mild enough to be use on the intimate areas. No itchiness, nope ✓  

As for the whitening effect, it did not really works instantly on me though. Not really visible on first use. But....yes but, after using it for about 1 week consequently day and night, i did notice some changes on my skin. Here's why i say so. My foot actually got sunburned quite badly when i went for my Malacca Trip two months back. Malacca weather really no joke. Yes, i'm serious not joking, it has been two damn months and the shape of the straps design on my slippers were still there on my foot -.- Sorry no pictures, i have ugly toes ughh However, after applying this soap for some time, my foot finally found it savior thank goodness lol. It has successfully brightens my foot, the sunburn on my foot is almost not visible now! Just have to be persistent and use it for few more times yayyy \^▽^/ 
And so this actually concludes that Tokyo Love Soap really does have whitening effect ✓ Satisfied :) 

If you are interested with the soap, you can get it from Natta Cosme at affordable price! that mini fun size soap right there? It is the Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated). Not only fragrance-free, it is completely hypoallergenic and suitable for problematic skin, acne, eczema, and so on. And know what? 

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And a huge shoutout to Natta Cosme and their team. Thank you so much for all the opportunities given and always pampers me with loads of beauty products! A totally trustable and reliable online seller! They have the best and latest beauty products in town yo!! (*▽*) xoxo

♔ JuliannaC.♔

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