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Monday, 28 July 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

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Hi hi *waves* I'm back with another review! 
This time i'll be reviewing on my current favourite eyeliner, which is the Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner!
The best part of this eyeliner is its super waterproof and smudge free properties! Girls who often put on makeup like me should understands how torturing is it to have to keep on checking on our makeup, especially on eyeliner because it smear easily. And if we are not aware, we will end up looking like a panda. During an outing with friends. Or worst, in a date. Embarrassing.

What is so nice about this eyeliner?
It is actually a gel eyeliner. Yup, most of the gel eyeliner we seen in the market is in mini container type, and it's rather troublesome because we need a brush as well to use it. But Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner is different :) it is a gel eyeliner but in pen type, which i think it is very convenient and user-friendly.

To let you all see and understand better, i had humbly made a video on this. Do check it out below ^◡^
Do show some love and give me a thumb up maybe? *puppy eyes*
Well, of course it is far from perfect, my editing skill is not so good and it was rather awkward talking to the camera lol and the closeup of my skin dafuq ...but i promise i will improve better in the coming future. Thank you for watching though :')

 A close-up on the beautiful irresistible shimmering colours. Simple yet elegant. Love it! 

Comparison between the Black and Brown colour. Personally i like the brown colour more because i think it creates a more natural look and blends well with my skin tone. This is actually my first attempt on brown colour eyeliner and i really like it. ツ

Beside that, it is also quite easy to draw. It might be slightly challenging than using a liquid eyeliner, but still not as hard as i imagined. Thin, sharp, wing eyeliner is definitely not a problem. Just that you will need a sharpener though, to constantly sharpen it as get blunt after a few couple strokes.

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Well, just a typical selfie to end my post :P Bye!


Monday, 21 July 2014

Review : Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

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Unbearable hot weather these days. Diseases virus and bacteria tends to spread vigorously in these kind of humid hot weather. So many of my friends fall sick. Other than drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated, taking care of hygiene is also very essential. Remember to clean your hands before you eat!

Situations where you were stuck in a packed restaurant that you wouldn't even wanna bother to move yourself to the hand basin,..or where some restaurant don't even have a proper hand basin or worse scenario - smelly toilets, you will rather eat with dirty hands than going near to that area...., 
this fun-size hang gel sanitizer is all you need ;) 

Other than that, you might also wanna sanitize your hand when you are applying makeup with your hand on your acne prone face....or when you wanna wear contact lens? etc and etc. 

Pleasant scent, transparent gel-like liquid with blue beads. A small amount is sufficient to leave your hands clean and lightly scented. Loving the mini fun size. Definitely travel friendly!

If any of you parents are reading this right now, you might wanna consider buying one set for your kids at home. Ensuring hands are clean before eating is very vital. Our hands are full of invisible dirt and bacteria from the things we touch, especially kids, they touch whatever they see! This mini hand sanitizer comes very handy. Easy to bring to anywhere, anytime. Super convenient. 

If you are keen, you may find it at HiShop which is selling for only RM24.50 for one whole set! 
One set contains 5 cute bottles of sanitizers (25ml) in 5 cute colours + 1 cute holder! 

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♔ JuliannaC.♔

Monday, 14 July 2014

BEAUTY | Neutrogena Healthy Beauty Hang Out Event

walao my face looks damn flawless here /cough picture lies xD

So here i am at Neutrogena Healthy Beauty Hang Out, held at The Canvas, Damansara a week ago.
As usual, i'm a noob girl with poor direction sense -.- Driving is one of my weakest point. If you know me well, you'll know that i'm the type who prefer to be passenger more than driver.

It was another horrific experience getting there. I totally had no idea and never heard of the location before Zzz. Driving all the way there alone, with the cacat offline gps :'( Got lost half way, went to the wrong route, paid few tolls, u-turn, no idea where on Earth i went to. I kinda gave up actually T.T...I do not know where i was heading to at all. Seriously i don't know why am i torturing myself like that man :/ Terrible. Yeah actually i should have do some route map research at home first, but i was lazy... . . serve me right. But anyway, i still made it to the destination alive thank God! It was pure luck!! :'D 

Neutrogena's celebrating their 60th anniversary this year.
Was lucky enough to get myself an invitation to the beauty hangout.
Many beautiful ladies were there. Saw quite a number of familiar faces beauty bloggers too.

Learnt some tips on skincare and makeup tutorial from the beauty guru. 
Quite useful and informative. There are soooo many things that i did not know, soooo many things that i need to learn! Beauty is pain. But well, no pain no gain. That's why they say, there's no ugly women, only lazy ones. Ughh i couldn't agree more zzzZ. I seriously gotta start pouring in more effort in taking care of my skin.. .. . .  .

Some famous range of Neutrogena skincare products.

Personally loving Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Pure-Mild Sunblock Lotion. 
SPF 50+, pleasant scent, and lightweight, totally not sticky at all after applying it unlike all other sunblock that i have tried before in the market. Most importantly, it does not leave a layer of white film on my skin after applying it! ツ 

Goodies bag that i got from the event. Thank youuu ♥
Totally worth my time and trip there :p hehh #typicalmalaysian

Presenting a lovely daisy to end my post. Aww beautiful isn't it? :')
Have a nice day ahead peeps xo

♔ JuliannaC.♔

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Making The Leap

Saw some interesting posts on Facebook the other day. 
Something that came on the right timing, just exactly what i needed.
Something worth to ponder.  

A very well illustrated picture. It need no any further explanation.
What are the plans in you life after you graduated? Are you happy with your current lifestyle?
Any plans or goals that you really wanna achieve in your life?
Will this be the same lifestyle that you still wanna live in the coming 10, 20, 30 years?
It's time to pause and think. Something worth to ponder.

"Opportunity in life is just like looking for a parking lot in a shopping mall during peak hours where almost all the parking lots are full...

:: (Type A) ::
Some will just park in any empty slot / space that they saw...
~ Grabbing any opportunity in life.

:: (Type B) ::
Some will look around and try to hunt for the parking lot nearer to the lift lobby even though they saw an empty lot...
~ Hunting for opportunity and trying his luck.

:: (Type C) ::
Some rather park aside and wait for the next available lot at the area where all the 
lots are full...
~ Waiting for opportunity in his comfort zone.

:: (Type D) ::
Some will just park at the illegal parking lot, wishing that the shopping mall management won't clamp the wheel...
~ Create opportunity but also creating possible risk!

:: (Type E) ::
Some just give up and turn to Exit, go else where...
~ Give up opportunity easily.

:: (Type F) ::
Some will choose to pay for valet parking service...
~ Buy opportunity.

Which type of person are you?" 
(◑.◑)    (◐.̃◐)

I would say that i'm the Type C? 
All the while, I only do things which is within my comfort zone. 
At times, i choose to escape from the reality when i faces hardships, or when i'm asked to do something that is out of my comfort zone. I'm just not brave enough. I choose to avoid and escape from it for as long as possible until the situation has finally become unavoidable. 

I believe i had actually slipped off many opportunities in life. 
Sometimes, when i finally had the courage to do so and finally did it, i realise that, the situation is actually not as bad as it seems, not as scary as i thought. 'What was i waiting and hesitating for all the while?" The answer is pretty obvious, i'm lack of Confidence. 

I know my own weakness very well and am trying to overcome it. And now, the time has finally come. It's time to jump out of my comfort zone and fight for what i want. Making the Leap. It may seems like an impossible task. It could be painful. You can't see what's going to happen, or maybe you could already predict what is to happen.'s now or never. JUMP. 

I'm the type that will not satisfied / give up until i try it for myself. I'm a stubborn Aquarius. It could be my flaws, but i choose to see it as my strength. I may be in dilemmas at times, hesitating, afraid, distant myself, mood swings, but once i've made up my mind, no one, NO ONE at all can stop me, even if i have to go through the journey alone. It doesn't matter. I want to be the extraordinary ones, i want to live an extraordinary life. I want to be myself. I'M MAKING THE JUMP. 
It's my choice and i will not regret. 

Let's do it!

♔ JuliannaC.♔

Friday, 4 July 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Egyptian Magic Cream

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Meow~ :3 Hello! *waves*
Gonna be sharing my review on the highly raved Egyptian Magic Cream.
Actually i've heard of this product since few years back, which recommended by Bubz, my favourite beauty youtuber, and i finally this product in Malaysia in 2014! lol
Finally got the chance to try it woots! 
This is a one of the very top multi-purpose skin product that raved by many international stars, celebrities and famous beauty gurus across the globe! 
Most agrees that it is a must-have beauty and skin product.
Egyptian Magic Cream. Sounds promising isn't it? 
But does it work magically like how its named? Let's see! 

What is it made from?
Egyptian Magic is made from the purest, all-natural ingredients which are widely believed to yield healthful effects on the skin and have been used for centuries to care for and nourish the skin. It is made from six of nature's most powerful moisturising and healing ingredients, Olive Oil, Bee Pollen, Bees Wax, Honey, Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis extract.

It is actually in balm form, not cream, and yellowish in colour. Greasy texture. Smells....okayy. I wouldn't say that it smells bad, the smell is actually tolerable, no artificial scent since it is made from all natural ingredients. But still, i personally would prefer something with better scent lol. 
Heard of Vaseline? Yes, the texture and smell are similar to it.

Must take note! Make sure the cap is tightly close each time after use. As i've mentioned, the ingredients of this cream are all natural and contains honey - sweet stuffs. Ants loveee sweet stuffs! There was once, when i opened my cream and was totally shocked by the amount of red ants inside the cream!! I was not aware of it initially and did not close it tightly (╥﹏╥) Lesson learnt!
 I knocked 'em out and kill 'em all muahahaha serve them right for contaminating my cream pfft! Thankfully, it still can be used. I think? Good as new. 

The weather is extra killing recently. HOT! I miss the weather in Korea /sobsob
Can't survive sleeping without air-conditioner seriously. The heat...ughh let's not talk about it.
Sleeping with air-conditioner switched on till morning, make my skin extra dull and dry.
Oh and my chapped lips :(

So these few weeks, i have been applying the balm on my lips and face every night before i sleep. And guess what? It works great on my lips :D besides keeping my face moisturised. Normally i will only use it at night as my face cream, or only when i'm not going out to anywhere, staying at home all day. Why? is because this product is oily based and your face will look super oily after you apply it. Trust me, you definitely wouldn't wanna go anywhere with that greasy look. Other than that, i've also tried using the balm on my hair and as makeup remover.

 I was having bad hair day a couple days back. It was terrible -.- Shampoo gone wrong or what, my hair was super frizzy and dry after wash, just like broom stick wth! Soso frustrating pfft! Then i suddenly remember about this magic cream. So i tried applying it on my hair ends and voila! 
It works woohoo! (≧◡≦)

It can also be used as makeup remover. My waterproof mascara is gone with just few wipes. 
Since it is oil base, it does not dehydrates my skin, unlike some of the other makeup removers in the market. Not bad :D 

As for the healing effect, i had also tried it on the small patch of eczema on my arm. Some sort of fungus i don't what it called, that goes on and off, on and off for months. Sometimes it gets super itchy till i can't stop myself from scratching it. I tried applying on it, and the eczema started to heal the next day. So i guess it works? Not sure because i get forgetful and did not make an effort to apply it consistently...oppss hehhh ^^"

Other that all of these, this cream also claimed that it can be used as massage oil, after-shave cream, on scars, rashes, stretchmarks, and many many more! Sound promising right?!
Tempted to try it out yourself? Well good news, here's your chance!

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Thanks for reading lovesss :*
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