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Monday, 14 July 2014

BEAUTY | Neutrogena Healthy Beauty Hang Out Event

walao my face looks damn flawless here /cough picture lies xD

So here i am at Neutrogena Healthy Beauty Hang Out, held at The Canvas, Damansara a week ago.
As usual, i'm a noob girl with poor direction sense -.- Driving is one of my weakest point. If you know me well, you'll know that i'm the type who prefer to be passenger more than driver.

It was another horrific experience getting there. I totally had no idea and never heard of the location before Zzz. Driving all the way there alone, with the cacat offline gps :'( Got lost half way, went to the wrong route, paid few tolls, u-turn, no idea where on Earth i went to. I kinda gave up actually T.T...I do not know where i was heading to at all. Seriously i don't know why am i torturing myself like that man :/ Terrible. Yeah actually i should have do some route map research at home first, but i was lazy... . . serve me right. But anyway, i still made it to the destination alive thank God! It was pure luck!! :'D 

Neutrogena's celebrating their 60th anniversary this year.
Was lucky enough to get myself an invitation to the beauty hangout.
Many beautiful ladies were there. Saw quite a number of familiar faces beauty bloggers too.

Learnt some tips on skincare and makeup tutorial from the beauty guru. 
Quite useful and informative. There are soooo many things that i did not know, soooo many things that i need to learn! Beauty is pain. But well, no pain no gain. That's why they say, there's no ugly women, only lazy ones. Ughh i couldn't agree more zzzZ. I seriously gotta start pouring in more effort in taking care of my skin.. .. . .  .

Some famous range of Neutrogena skincare products.

Personally loving Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Pure-Mild Sunblock Lotion. 
SPF 50+, pleasant scent, and lightweight, totally not sticky at all after applying it unlike all other sunblock that i have tried before in the market. Most importantly, it does not leave a layer of white film on my skin after applying it! ツ 

Goodies bag that i got from the event. Thank youuu ♥
Totally worth my time and trip there :p hehh #typicalmalaysian

Presenting a lovely daisy to end my post. Aww beautiful isn't it? :')
Have a nice day ahead peeps xo

♔ JuliannaC.♔

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