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Monday, 21 July 2014

Review : Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

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Unbearable hot weather these days. Diseases virus and bacteria tends to spread vigorously in these kind of humid hot weather. So many of my friends fall sick. Other than drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated, taking care of hygiene is also very essential. Remember to clean your hands before you eat!

Situations where you were stuck in a packed restaurant that you wouldn't even wanna bother to move yourself to the hand basin,..or where some restaurant don't even have a proper hand basin or worse scenario - smelly toilets, you will rather eat with dirty hands than going near to that area...., 
this fun-size hang gel sanitizer is all you need ;) 

Other than that, you might also wanna sanitize your hand when you are applying makeup with your hand on your acne prone face....or when you wanna wear contact lens? etc and etc. 

Pleasant scent, transparent gel-like liquid with blue beads. A small amount is sufficient to leave your hands clean and lightly scented. Loving the mini fun size. Definitely travel friendly!

If any of you parents are reading this right now, you might wanna consider buying one set for your kids at home. Ensuring hands are clean before eating is very vital. Our hands are full of invisible dirt and bacteria from the things we touch, especially kids, they touch whatever they see! This mini hand sanitizer comes very handy. Easy to bring to anywhere, anytime. Super convenient. 

If you are keen, you may find it at HiShop which is selling for only RM24.50 for one whole set! 
One set contains 5 cute bottles of sanitizers (25ml) in 5 cute colours + 1 cute holder! 

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