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Friday, 4 July 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Egyptian Magic Cream

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Meow~ :3 Hello! *waves*
Gonna be sharing my review on the highly raved Egyptian Magic Cream.
Actually i've heard of this product since few years back, which recommended by Bubz, my favourite beauty youtuber, and i finally this product in Malaysia in 2014! lol
Finally got the chance to try it woots! 
This is a one of the very top multi-purpose skin product that raved by many international stars, celebrities and famous beauty gurus across the globe! 
Most agrees that it is a must-have beauty and skin product.
Egyptian Magic Cream. Sounds promising isn't it? 
But does it work magically like how its named? Let's see! 

What is it made from?
Egyptian Magic is made from the purest, all-natural ingredients which are widely believed to yield healthful effects on the skin and have been used for centuries to care for and nourish the skin. It is made from six of nature's most powerful moisturising and healing ingredients, Olive Oil, Bee Pollen, Bees Wax, Honey, Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis extract.

It is actually in balm form, not cream, and yellowish in colour. Greasy texture. Smells....okayy. I wouldn't say that it smells bad, the smell is actually tolerable, no artificial scent since it is made from all natural ingredients. But still, i personally would prefer something with better scent lol. 
Heard of Vaseline? Yes, the texture and smell are similar to it.

Must take note! Make sure the cap is tightly close each time after use. As i've mentioned, the ingredients of this cream are all natural and contains honey - sweet stuffs. Ants loveee sweet stuffs! There was once, when i opened my cream and was totally shocked by the amount of red ants inside the cream!! I was not aware of it initially and did not close it tightly (╥﹏╥) Lesson learnt!
 I knocked 'em out and kill 'em all muahahaha serve them right for contaminating my cream pfft! Thankfully, it still can be used. I think? Good as new. 

The weather is extra killing recently. HOT! I miss the weather in Korea /sobsob
Can't survive sleeping without air-conditioner seriously. The heat...ughh let's not talk about it.
Sleeping with air-conditioner switched on till morning, make my skin extra dull and dry.
Oh and my chapped lips :(

So these few weeks, i have been applying the balm on my lips and face every night before i sleep. And guess what? It works great on my lips :D besides keeping my face moisturised. Normally i will only use it at night as my face cream, or only when i'm not going out to anywhere, staying at home all day. Why? is because this product is oily based and your face will look super oily after you apply it. Trust me, you definitely wouldn't wanna go anywhere with that greasy look. Other than that, i've also tried using the balm on my hair and as makeup remover.

 I was having bad hair day a couple days back. It was terrible -.- Shampoo gone wrong or what, my hair was super frizzy and dry after wash, just like broom stick wth! Soso frustrating pfft! Then i suddenly remember about this magic cream. So i tried applying it on my hair ends and voila! 
It works woohoo! (≧◡≦)

It can also be used as makeup remover. My waterproof mascara is gone with just few wipes. 
Since it is oil base, it does not dehydrates my skin, unlike some of the other makeup removers in the market. Not bad :D 

As for the healing effect, i had also tried it on the small patch of eczema on my arm. Some sort of fungus i don't what it called, that goes on and off, on and off for months. Sometimes it gets super itchy till i can't stop myself from scratching it. I tried applying on it, and the eczema started to heal the next day. So i guess it works? Not sure because i get forgetful and did not make an effort to apply it consistently...oppss hehhh ^^"

Other that all of these, this cream also claimed that it can be used as massage oil, after-shave cream, on scars, rashes, stretchmarks, and many many more! Sound promising right?!
Tempted to try it out yourself? Well good news, here's your chance!

You could be the lucky one to win yourself 2 sachets of Egyptian Magic Cream(3ml)!!
Very simple! All you have to do is to click HERE, fill in the form and insert my name, 
JULIANNA CHAN in the first column. You might be the lucky one!
Giveaway valid till 15 July 2014 only! Hurry up!! ◠◡◠

If you wish to purchase, or to find out more, visit :
Official website :
Instagram : @nattacosme

p/s : They ship internationally too!

Thanks for reading lovesss :*
♔ JuliannaC.♔


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