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Monday, 28 July 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

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Hi hi *waves* I'm back with another review! 
This time i'll be reviewing on my current favourite eyeliner, which is the Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner!
The best part of this eyeliner is its super waterproof and smudge free properties! Girls who often put on makeup like me should understands how torturing is it to have to keep on checking on our makeup, especially on eyeliner because it smear easily. And if we are not aware, we will end up looking like a panda. During an outing with friends. Or worst, in a date. Embarrassing.

What is so nice about this eyeliner?
It is actually a gel eyeliner. Yup, most of the gel eyeliner we seen in the market is in mini container type, and it's rather troublesome because we need a brush as well to use it. But Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner is different :) it is a gel eyeliner but in pen type, which i think it is very convenient and user-friendly.

To let you all see and understand better, i had humbly made a video on this. Do check it out below ^◡^
Do show some love and give me a thumb up maybe? *puppy eyes*
Well, of course it is far from perfect, my editing skill is not so good and it was rather awkward talking to the camera lol and the closeup of my skin dafuq ...but i promise i will improve better in the coming future. Thank you for watching though :')

 A close-up on the beautiful irresistible shimmering colours. Simple yet elegant. Love it! 

Comparison between the Black and Brown colour. Personally i like the brown colour more because i think it creates a more natural look and blends well with my skin tone. This is actually my first attempt on brown colour eyeliner and i really like it. ツ

Beside that, it is also quite easy to draw. It might be slightly challenging than using a liquid eyeliner, but still not as hard as i imagined. Thin, sharp, wing eyeliner is definitely not a problem. Just that you will need a sharpener though, to constantly sharpen it as get blunt after a few couple strokes.

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Well, just a typical selfie to end my post :P Bye!


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