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Thursday, 28 August 2014

FOOD | Big Spoon Noodle @ Setiawalk, Puchong

Big Spoon is a noodle house which serve cold noodles in huge spoon. Heard of Boat Noodle? Their concept is very similar to Boat Noodle i would say, just that their noodles are served in a big spoon instead. Well, it's the trend now. Got a feeling that this gonna be another hit restaurant.

Front view of the restaurant.
The interior of the restaurant. Rustic-industrial kind of design feel.

The restaurant is located at a not easily seen place. Not a very strategic spot...i got hard time finding it today Zzz forgotten to jot down their address lol my bad. For your information, Big Spoon is located directly opposite to Subway, steps away from the Japanese restaurant - Tokyo Kitchen. I purposely went there today on weekdays during the non peak hours, so that i don't need to wait and can take my own sweet time slowly enjoy my food. Smart? ツ ikr haha

Their wooden menu
 Basically this is what on their menu. Nothing else other than their signature noodles and dumplings.
Oh by the way, their drink is serve in bottle. So you could just order one bottle and share among two or so.

Chicken Cold Noodles, RM1.90
Cold chewy noodles serve with their very flavourful homemade sauce, with slices of shredded chicken and cucumber stripes as topping, and then garnished with some spring onions and sesame seeds. Mix everything well together and slurrrrp! :B Ordinary, but tasty. Yummy enough to satisfy my hungry belly. /rubtummy

Dumplings in House Special Sauce, RM3.90 - 3pcs
 Their dumplings are not bad. It may look simple, but it taste so good. The dumplings are serve in their in house special sauce and chilli oil. Simply tasty and satisfying. Normal bite size, but i wish it to be bigger though.

Szechuan peppercorn oil on the left and their special hot chili oil on the right. Which one do you prefer?
Yup, it's oil. Personally, i'm quite into their red hot chilli oil. It's not those ordinary chilli oil, their special chili oil has an extra strong aromatic fragrance which able to spice up your 'spoon' of noodles and make it more flavourful and good.

Rice Wine Sweet Soup, RM3.90
 Combination of egg flowers(蛋花), fermented rice and wolfberries in hot sweet rice wine soup. Healthy dessert. First time trying, not a fan, it taste weird to me :S but my sister kinda enjoy it though

Overall, my visit there is quite satisfying :) Good service, clean interior and their price is quite fair and affordable too. No service charge nor tax. Three Big Spoon is enough to keep my belly satisfied. By the way, currently Big Spoon is having the Buy1 Free1 promotion upon their new opening. Definitely a steal! Super worth it, do not miss out!

Opening hours : 11am - 10pm
D-7-G, Block D, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Selangor
(located directly opposite Subway, nearby Tokyo Kitchen)

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