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Saturday, 16 August 2014

BEAUTY | Review : BeautyFoot DIY Foot Therapy

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 Can't deny that foot is the most neglected part of our body. Cracked heel, dry feet, are some of the most common problems. But what if i tell you there are actually ways to overcome all these problems? Pretty sure you all have heard of face therapy. But what about foot therapy? Yes, our feet also need to do therapy and be taken care of okayy! Check out this super cool DIY foot therapy from BeautyFoot! It works like magic! 

A reliable DIY foot therapy product which consist of two pieces of foot masks in one set.
One of the main thing about this product is that it contains organic acids that decomposes old dead skin cells and promotes natural peeling and natural extract that moisturizes and hydrate our feet, which also explains why the product has a very strong acidic scent. The smell is very similar to those DIY fruit enzyme to me.

Very easy and convenient to use. Piece of cake. All you need to do is just cut off the opening of the mask and put your clean foot in. Notice the red sticker on the mask. Just tear it off, adjust it, and use the sticky part to seal the opening, ensuring the mask would not fall off. And you're done. You can walk to anywhere and continue your chores as usual. Soak you foot in the gel for about two hours and wash off. You'll be able to see the result in 7 days.

For my case, i started to see the result on Day04 onward. Dead skins started peeling naturally and 100% painless. The whole peeling process last for about 4-5days. I couldn't resist and did manual peeling on certain areas lol. Still painless, and in fact, is it quite nice to peel :D hahahh! That awesome indescribable feeling /grin :B 
*Please do not learn. Peel it at your own risk gg :P 

*gasp* O.M.G! My foot has rebornnn! So softttt and...neww (◡‿◡)
Double thumbs up for this product. Works like magic! Say goodbye to cracked dry feet woohoo!
 Wish to try it out? You can find out more and get yourself one HERE.

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