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Thursday, 11 September 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

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Facial scrubbing at least once a week is a must, especially for those who have oily combination skin that prone with stubborn blackheads like me -.- Having the so called 'strawberry' nose is so not cool. So ugly eww! I love using facial scrub because every time after scrubbing, it will give me a feeling that my skin has reborn. Being able to scrub off all the dead skin, rejuvenating the dull skin is definitely one of the best feeling in the world woohoooooo \ ˚▽˚ /

I believe that choosing a good facial scrub is very important too or else you might end up torturing your own skin plus wasting money. I'm gonna be sharing my latest verdict on the current facial scrub that i've been using currently which is the Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish from Klairs.

I've always been wondering why natural black sugars are often used in skin care products. What is the benefits of black sugar to our skin? Here's what.

How to use?
1.) Cleanse face.
2.) Mix an adequate amount of facial polish with two or three drops of water.
3.) Gently massage the scrub in a circular motion over forehead, cheeks, nose and chin (refrain from using on the eye area).
4.) Rinse and follow with toner, then moisturiser.
Note: Do not add water directly to the jar. For the best result, apply twice a week.

Rough sugary texture, looks exactly like brown sugar, and contains real bits and pieces of sugar granules in it. Has a very strong unpleasant herbal scent, which i personally don't really like it :/ Despite the scent, i still think that it is a good scrub :)

Gently scrub scrub scrub all the way. Forehead, T-zone, left right up down, cheeks and don't forget you chin! You may use it as your lip scrub too if you don't mind. coz i did lol

Scrubbing our face one / twice a week really make a huge difference. Scrubbing off the dead cells and renewing our skin can ensure our skin remain soft, healthy and less dull. You'll surely observe improvement on your stubborn blackheads too. I've tried one of the black sugar scrub from another brand before this, which is totally different from this. 

To be frank, i will actually go for this scrub from Klairs instead of that. That one has a sandy texture and sweet black sugar fragrance, and what i dislike about that black sugar scrub from brand X is that after i applying it and cleanse my face, i still feel 'unclean'. Psychology or not, i constantly feel that my face is sweet and sticky, feel that i gonna get attack by the ants / insects anytime lol. Very uncomfortable and i end up having to wash my face one more time with another cleanser before continuing with my routine. Kinda troublesome. 

Comparing both, at least Klairs's wont give me that uncomfortable feeling and in fact i can continue with my toner and moisturiser instantly right after i wash off the scrub. Clean and hydrated, re-cleansing is not needed. Also, i think that this scrub from Klairs is also less harsh as i wont be feeling like i'm rubbing my face with a sandpaper like previously which sometimes causes my face to end up being sensitive with red patches and painful. That's what i think.

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