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Monday, 1 September 2014

Welcome September : My Burgundy Hair

Red x Purple = Burgundy
Girls being girls ❂◡❂ New hairstyle to welcome my wonderful September woohoo! 
No more brown, tried new colour this time :) Imma lady with bangs now. Feeling like a kid again ●‿● Feel like i'm few years younger with my bangs now :p

When randomness strikes (◡‿◡)
If you think i'm wearing a spec, you're wrong! Look so real righttt?!
Haha all kinds of apps nowadays so advance!

New hair, new life, new me. The new beginning.
Rest enough, play enough. It's time. I'm ready :) bring it on yo! Gonna officially step into another stage of my life - my working life as a junior interior designer. Promise to learn and start everything from zero. Positive energy gogogo :D Negative is not allowed! May the force be with me! Hwaiting! ^◡^

I'm cool and i know it bye! :)

♔ JuliannaC.♔

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