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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

20+1 Facts About Me

20+1 Facts About Me \ ˚▽˚ / !!

1) I have no talent :( My handwriting is the only talent(haha not really lol) that i get praises for since young till now and i had to admit that i'm proud of it :) My friends always tease me about my writing saying that it looks like those printed out from the computer lol overrr la but still, thanks :p  

2) I think i have choosing disorder (or whatever you call that lol). I feel that i'm forever in dilemmas even over petty things and it's torturing! It's just so hard to make a decision.

3) I'm a stubborn person. Eventhough i'm always in dilemmas, but once i've made up my mind and decide on something, basically nobody can stop me. Nobody at all, even if everyone is turning their back against me and i have to go through it alone. 

4) Not sure since when, phrases like 'dunno, cincai, whatever' have become my favourite saying..but at times, i actually don't really mean what i said, its just for reply sake :B

5) I have experience working as a waitress, sales girl, cashier and promoter. And now, as an junior interior designer.  

6) Actually i'm also the owner to a humble part time online shop. So i'm consider a small taukeh as well lol ツ

7) I'm a blogger. A humble one. Not many know that i have a secret blog. It used to be private due to some personal reason but not anymore. I want to become a successful blogger - that's my current goal.

8) I want to be good interior designer. Well just my backup plan haha . Or a rich housewife as my double backup plan lolololl. I once wrote 'rich housewife' as my ambition lolololhahahahh what was i thinking.

9) I love to sing, but i can't sing. But that doesn't mean that i won't sing, I will still sing muahahahahh. tomybffsandmyself. whenimalone. xD

10) I'm English educated. I call myself the high-class banana. I can speak, write and read mandarin, not all of course, but i'm constantly improving it. I've learn my mandarin mainly through watching drama subtitles and listening to mandarin music.

11) I'm a person who value friendship alot. Alot more than you imagine. I hate fakers and backstabbers. They will never be my friend. Never. 

12) I'm never a good daughter nor sister though i'm trying to be one.

13) I would prefer to be a passenger than a driver. No reason, no why. 

14) I'm a kind of person that will keep everything to myself. I keep all my secrets and hardships to myself (sometimes my blog). I seldom, almost never, reveal them to anybody, not even my bffs nor family.

15) I've never been into relationship before. I enjoy being free and single but sometimes i do wish that there's that special someone who could lend me a shoulder to lean on. According to horoscope prediction, i'll most likely end up being single my whole life dafuq -.- haha. Fineee, God knows what best for me.

16) I am cold and emotionless, especially when i'm unsatisfied over something / not in the mood. I prefer being alone, remain silent and isolate myself. I don't like to explain myself. 'Those who know you don't need explanations, and those who don't, won't believe you'. 

17) I have low self-confidence and poor in socializing. I find it so hard to keep a conversation going. I feel that i'm uninteresting and hardly mix in the crowd. Makeup and dolling up is the only thing that able to boost up my confidence a little.

18) There's an invisible bond between me and fashion. I love fashion and dressing up! Eventhough im not very fashionable larr...loveeee fashion but can't afford to be fashionable :( Yet? :) 

19) When i was younger, i always fantasized myself becoming a celebrity. Singer, actress, model etc..just, you know, someone famous with fans xD hahahh!

20) I used to be single eyelid. I don't why or how my eyes seems to turn out to be double eyelid out of sudden starting from my right eye then left, and its been few months now since i first realize it. Secretly hopes that it last forever lol

20) +1 Bonus fact :P Julianna is the name my parents gave me. During my teenagers years i decided that i didnt like it and change my own name. Here's some of the name ive tried during those time LOL. Queenie/Queenzy (coz there a Q in my name, and if you noticed>>QUEEN :> hahaha), Julia (shorter version of Julianna, inspired by idk Julie's biscuit? hahaha). In the end, i decided to stick back with the name my parents gave me > Julianna :)

There you go, as promised. You should be able to understand me better by now :)
Thanks for wasting your precious time reading this nonsense xx.

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