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Monday, 6 October 2014

BEAUTY | Eversoft Skinz UV-White Bloggers Get Together

Throwing back to Eversoft Skinz UV-White Girls Get Together event three weeks ago.
Thank you so much Eversoft Skinz for the exclusive invite! Thanks for having me, really appreciate it :)

The function was held at Rondaevoo, a very beautiful cafe in Ativo Plaza, Damansara. Okay, so cut my horrifying driving story short, yes i got lost. Again. Zzz...and this time is the worst, as i drove to the wrong routes THREE damn times, went to some unknown highways before u-turning back and paid several tolls. Hahahahahaha -.- tsk. Totally had no idea where am i heading to and believe me, it was pure luck that i made my way to the venue. Alive lol. Nearly gave up and decided to return home instead as i was already running late that time. But with God's strength, i survived. I made it again yeahh. Thank you God :'))

Introducing the latest collection from Eversoft Skinz, which is the Eversoft Skinz UV White range. The secret to Japanese porcelain white skin revealed. Illuminating your skin in 5 simple steps, from;
1)Cleansing, 2)Toning, 3)Whitening, 4)Moisturising and 5) Protect.

In this complete range of  Eversoft Skinz UV White, the 3 Key Benefits are; 
Advance Whitening, Anti-Tyrosinase (source of dark spots) and Active Skin Repair
With the advance Japanese formulations, the 3 Key Ingredients are used; 
* Sakura Leaf Extract (to smoothen and brighten skin for rosy radiance)
** Lipo-Vit C (anti-tyrosinase properties)
*** Uji Tea Extract (helps to renew and repair skin)

If you wish to understand more, do check out the video below. Full demo on how and proper ways to use the products effectively, achieving best results.

After understanding the products better and a brief sharing by the image consultant, it's time for my favourite part of the event; the pampering and make over session by the professionals! /gasps ♥‿♥

Me, after the pampering makeover session. Also, with me is the Renowned Image Consultant, Josephine Lui. Get to learn some useful fashion tips from her about choosing the right colour that compliments with our skin complexion and many more.  

My personal verdict :
Among the whole range of the Eversoft Skinz UV White, there's this product, Perfect White BB Cream SPF30PA++ , which i'm undeniably loving it and specifically wish to highlight and share with you all. No wonder they call it the 'STAR PRODUCT' of Eversoft Skinz! I've been using it everyday since i first got it three weeks ago and am still loving it. So what's so great about this BB Cream? Firstly, it has extremely light texture. It's soft and kinda have the moisturizing effect, not too thick nor drying, unlike all the previous BB Cream that i used before this. If i'm not mistaken, i think it's selling for RM36+ currently after discount at Guardian Malaysia. Worth a try :)

There's only one shade available which suits all skin tone. It kinda like a 3-in-1 BB Cream which able to cover up blemishes (makeup), brightens and evens skin tone (skincare), and protect us from the harmful UV rays (Sun protection). Uneven skin tone, redness and minor blemishes are definitely not a problem. But i kinda need extra foundation though if i wish to completely cover up my dark circles as i have kinda serious dark circles problem :'( Despite that, another reason why i love this BB Cream is because of its pleasant scent. The wonderful nice scent of this BB Cream is definitely a plus+ point from me! 

Loving my whole range of Eversoft Skinz UV White yayy! ≧◡≦

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  1. Hi! I just want to know whether the bb cream suits dark skin girls?