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Monday, 13 October 2014

BEAUTY | Eyelash Enhancer from REALASH [I]

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Happy day everyone! :) Guess what? I came home from work to a surprise parcel few days ago and i'm finally ready to share the excitement with you all today! :D I've received a Eyelash Enhancer from Realash! Such a lovely packaging. I'm so gonna try it out and share it with you girls ^.^

Incase you are still wondering, REALASH is the only effective free sale eyelash extension liquid approved by FDA (Food And Drug Administration), and it helps to make our lashes longerthicker and darker. Which also means, we can now extend our eyelashes naturally!! Wave goodbye to fake eyelashes already! :D 

Take a good look on the length and how my eyelash looks like right now! 'cuz i'm going to transform it in no time! ッ To be frank, i did some research as usual, and came across many positive remarks about this i'm actually quite confident with it even before i start using it lol. Hopefully it won't disappoint me. Can't wait to try it out! Will share with you all on my progress pretty soon! Stay tuned ya! :)

View on my progress and result here!

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