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Sunday, 5 October 2014

NOTD | Vintagely Sweet Rose Nails

Roses. Now tell me which girl doesn't like roses? We love roses!
Yeap, that's right. My DIY manicure for this round will be roses related.

Nail Art : Vintagely Sweet
A layer of soft pastel light pink colour as the base colour, and sweet dark pink for the roses. I've used a total of three shades of colours for the roses and a refreshing green for the leaves. Added some cute white polka dots which give my nail design a touch of vintagely retro yet soft girly feel.

Yes i know, lol huge difference between the rose on my ring finger and thumb. The rose on my thumb is the last one i drew after 'practicing' on my other two fingers hence it looks better and nicer haha. Well, the rose on my ring finger is not really that bad (right?)..eventhough it's not smooth, but at least it gives some texture and 3D kinda feel to my nails. Imperfectly perfect haha :P What say you?

Instagram : julianna_chan


  1. Wonderful nail art. I love doing nail arts too.
    We seem to have similar interest.
    Would you like to follow each other?

    1. Hello, thank you so much for your kind comments :))
      I'm just a beginner actually,looking forward to learn from you! :D
      Awesome blog you have! Sure :) Followed you on bloglovin & google