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Monday, 17 November 2014

At this very moment, im very sad. Very very sad. Frustrated, helpless, depressed, stress. The fear is haunting me. The fear of losing her. Fear that she never gonna be the same old her again. Im feeling so cold, so lonely, so negative right i wish it was just a nightmare. Please wake me up from this bad dream. I can barely hold on any longer. Im tired. Im scared. Help me. Will i ever see her smile again? Feeling so discouraged. Really breaks my heart seeing her suffer and unconscious like that :'( The medication doesnt seems to be working. Am i overthinking? I dont know, i hope i am. The past week has been hell to me. Tears that i've shed secretly, crying in sleep everyday..i've been thinking alot. It makes me realise alot precious things in life. The fear. I love her. I wish her well. God, please heal her. Dad, promise me you will never let anything bad happen to her. Please wake me up from this nightmare. I'm really tired :'(


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    1. It's a very complicated story :'(( but thanks for your concern :')