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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The inner voice of an Employee; The inner voice of an Interior Designer

My ID Journey : My Life as an Junior Interior Designer

It's been a while since i officially step into workinghood. Starting to get used to changes and adapting to everything. Ever since i officially started my working life, i finally understand why are adults / employees so looking forward for Fridays and dislike Mondays. I never really understand before this. I actually felt that people are just saying it for the saying sake sorrymybad I finally understand the REAL meaning of TGIF and Mondayblue. :(

The inner voice of an employee. 
Every day we head to work, waiting for time to pass, looking forward for lunch hour. After lunch, we fight with sleepiness, stand strong till its time to go home. And the routine repeats. Miserable. We gather all our strength, hard, and finally hang on until weekend. But the sad news is, at times, even on weekends we need to rush design and complete our work. So holiday = no holiday. -.-zzZ In general, i think this is a stage whereby most of us will go through one day / had gone through. Of course, unless you are a rich kid who born with a silver spoon or so...

I do know that nothing comes easy. No pain no gain right? I'm yet to discover my potential in interior design field. It takes time. Well, its not that i totally dislike ID, sometimes i do find that ID is interesting. Also, not to forget the happy and fruitful accomplish moment when the client like your design and you get to bring your design to reality. Damn awesome right i know 8)) But let's be real. Reality is cruel all the time sometimes. Things don't always go smoothly. Client will not always like what you design. People might not always think the same way as you. You just have to make sure that you are strong; physically and mentally. And optimistic enough to accept comments and criticism with an open heart. 

Just a brief sharing, if any of you kids reading this right now, still hesitating about your future career, whether wanna pursue Interior Design course or yea, this is basically the life you'll go through as an interior designer. Not sure about other career, but yea..Of course, if you have more passion, you could definitely strive better and be a famous designer or be your own boss instead. Unlike me zzz. Please don't learn lol.

They always say, choose the job you love and you'll never need to work a single day in your life.
Truly said. Be your own boss, or at least commit to a job that you love and enjoy doing it, then you will never have to work a day in you life. Monday blue will not even exist in your dictionary. How happy :')) Or, of course you can also choose to accept your 'fate' and do something you doesn't like for the rest of your life. Third option, marry a rich partner and woohoo, enjoy life ;) That's probably the best choice i guess lol

Alright, back to myself. Hmm as for me, currently i just wish to settle down with my current company..maybe for a year or two,..searching for my potential in design field, at the same time chasing my dream, going for what i really want. It's challenging but it's definitely better than living in regrets :) 

Anyway, God has been really good to me. I'm grateful for everything. It's a rather complicated story about how i ended up with my current company. Whether its fate or its coincidence. Initially i wanted to go for another company but God knows what happen, it's a long story....but well, i believe that everything happen for a reason.

Working is still working, designing is still designing, rushing work is still rushing work whereas OT remain OT. But I'm still quite content working here actually. A small company, thus less drama / gossips, exactly something I'm looking for. It's not a very huge firm, but i got a feeling that it's just a matter of time. The best part is, their working hour start at 10am! My beauty sleeeeep :'D *sniff sniff* I mean, you do know right...5minutes of sleep really make a big difference and it really matters! xD I'm also very well-treated and given full support to propose my own design. Plenty needed to be improved though when it comes to designing :/ Other than that, i'm not very satisfied with the pay :( i think i deserve more. But anyhow, better days are yet to come hopefully. Bring it on, i'm ready yeahh! :))

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