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Thursday, 25 December 2014

NOTD | MY Christmas Nails!

It's finally that time of the year again! It's Christmas!

 There are countless of Christmas Nails that i've browse through the net and finally I've create my own version of Christmas nails too! :D What do you think? Personally i quite impressed with it of course :p hahahh I pour in alot effort and time creating please tell me you like it even if you don't :p

Sharpening my humble manicure skill; using dotting tool, stripping tape and a drawing brush to create this set of Christmas Nails. Usage of red, green and gold colour which resemble the glamour,.. the bliss and joy of Christmas. The reason why I decided to only stick to the usage of the three main chosen colours in my design because i want it to feel like a set, in the same 'family' which links to one another. And yeap, i guess that's about it, my own version of Christmas Nails '14. Hope you all like it.

Christmas tree, present, candy cane, Santa, Elf - checked!
Have a merry Christmas with your love ones xx ^◡^

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

NOTD Golden Ombre in Mint Green Party Nails

Nail Art : 
Golden Ombre in Mint Green Party Nails

Nail Polish used : 
Sally Hansen [485 Golden-I]
Nicole by OPI [Selena Gomez - Confetti Fun NI G04] 
Miss Rose [Mint Green]

Unusual combination of pastel mint green and gold lacquer. Experiment successful(?) i guess heheh :)) Loving it :p Golden ombre in mint green; giving an elegant high end impression at first sight. Added some colourful confetti glitters to highlight thus creating focus point, besides increasing the elegance to the entire set of design. 

"Do what you love & love what you do" xox :3

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Monday, 15 December 2014

BEAUTY | Eyelash Enhancer from REALASH [II]

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As promised, here is the outcome after using the eyelash enhancer from Realash after one month.
Check out my first write up about it HERE . All i can say is, IT REALLY WORKS! See for the result yourself omggg @@ Are you ready?! *drumrolls*

My result from Week0 to Week4. In the pictures above, it is clearly shown that my eyelashes really did improve! Whether it is with mascara or without mascara, my eyelashes has obviously become thicker and longer in just one month time wow! I'm impressed. :))

Simple yet trendy packaging. Sharp tip for easy application. Basically, as instructed, just apply it once a day before bed. Must be patient and not forget to apply it daily. Just apply it like how we normally draw our eyeliner. Clean and easy. Remember, frequent application will not enhance the growth. So a small amount each time is sufficient. As i said, patience is really needed :)

Looking forward for my third post. Can't wait to see the final result.
Will update again very soon in another two months! Stay tuned~ :3

View my result of 3month HERE.

Or, if you wish to know more about this product, visit HERE.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

BEAUTY | BE Creative Makeup Makeover at Muse by Watsons

Throwing back to last month where i was very lucky to have been chosen to attend an event together with 20 other beautiful bloggers for a makeover transformation, which is the BE Creative Make Up, by the newly launch Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid. Also, specially thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia for the opportunity for me to be beautiful :3 I was told to go bare face, and thus *gasps* i did xD.

Beauty is an attitude. BE Creative Make Up is the new brand in professional make up. BE inspires woman to express their originality with confidence and pride and makes making up an everyday pleasure! 

The four commandments of BE :
- Embrace the new
-Express your individuality with make-up
-Make trends your own
-And remember: you are UNIQUE!

BE has a wide range of cosmetics in their collection, from foundation, eyeshadows, brushes, mascaras to blushers, lipsticks and so on. Every product comes in a variety of shades and choices, and their bold and trendy packaging. Affordable and quality assured.
My before and after. Big difference huh? Terrible dark circles zzZ
But thankfully, BE's Matte Foundation able to cover it up yo :'D

We were given four choices to choose from, that is BE Romantic, BE Funky, BE Glamorous and BE Natural makeup look. On first glance, without a second thought, i've chosen the most colourful and eye catching look. I chose to BE Glamorous. I'm a person who love colours. I mean, what's life without colours? Colourful and blingbling stuffs never fail to attract my attention haha :p The makeup artist uses a total of three shades to create this glamorous look on me. Combination of purple, orange and blue eyeshadow on my eyes and a sweet pink colour on my lips. Purrrrfect! :3 

BE Glamorous, BE Beautiful, and most importantly BE Yourself :)
Now, everybody can be beautiful :) Some ladies say that they prefer natural beauty. Some thinks that wearing makeup is fake(?) and a waste of money. They prefer being bare face, without wearing any cosmetics on their face,..that is their definition of 'natural beauty'. Well, i respect their point of view but...i do not agree. To me, cosmetics is a magic tool that able to cover up our flaws, and yet enhances our beauty features. I believe every girl wants to look beautiful. Wearing makeups able to boost up my confidence and makes me a happier person. Thus, this is why i love dolling up and wearing makeups :)

With me, in the left picture, Harith Taikal, the makeup artist who does my beautiful makeup, thank youuu. And on the right, with me is the brand manager of Muse by Watsons, Amanda. She's rocking in her in funky make up look. Loving her make up, the colours are so pigmented and look very sharp on her. Beautiful :)

Photo credits : Butterfly Project Malaysia 
After understanding and trying out the cosmetics, we had some finger food. Hanging around with other bloggers and finally ended the event with a happy group photo together. Everybody looks so stunning and confident! ;) Thanks again for making us beautiful Muse by Watsons! ^◡^

Brought home some goodies as well, so excited can't wait to try them out woohoo!!

For more information on BE's cosmetics, do check out their :


I've created my own version of BE Creative Makeup with the goodies; i name it BE Confident, BE Bold :) My confidence and positive energy are all back yuhuuu! After going through negativity and hard times for the past few weeks, i'm finally able to spare some time doing the thing i love; dolling up and playing with cosmetics :)) 

I'm using :
Foundation : Feather Finish Matte Foundation [Shade 002]
Eyeshadow : Eyeshadow Mono [Gold 021]
Lipstick : Intense Lipstick [Victory 006]

The lipstick colour appear to be more orangy in my picture idk why, due to lighting problem i guess...but still not bad though :P haha. A clearer picture of my make up, the lipstick colour is closest to the real colour in this picture.

The other day when i was in the workshop event, i wasn't really aware of which foundation did the make up artist was applying on me, but then when i finally get to try it myself at home, i gotta confess that i was VERY IMPRESSED. I doubted initially but i was surprised with the outcome. Their Feather Finish Matte Foundation is LOVE! As what it claims, the matte foundation is very light weight, really as light as feather, that it really makes me feel as if i did not apply anything on my face no joke! I'm only using the foundation on my face, no concealer no nothing, and surprisingly it able to cover up all my flaws almost completely, even my terrible dark circles! It absorb and dries out pretty fast as well. There are 6 shades available and selling for only RM79.00 exclusively at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid. Really worth a try :) STRONGLY RECOMMENDED ❤. 

 BE Confident, BE Bold.
What do you girls think? How do you find my motd?
Have a nice days~ :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

BEAUTY | Review : YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit

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Ever imagine yourself in a hot luxury bathtub, enjoying a relaxing milk spa? 
Not sure about you, but i did haha. Milk spa? Heard of it long time ago and always seen it in the TV, but nahh, didn't have the chance to experience it yet. It'll sure cost a bomb. However, recently i get to know about this range of products, which is the YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit. Can't afford a luxury milk spa? Well it's okay, because you have YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit, which is kind of the same thing ^◡^  muahahaha. 

YOKO is a trusted brand originated from Thailand and has been established for almost 20years. They have a wide range of cosmetic products in their collection, and what caught my attention the most is their series of milk products. YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit pampers you from head to toe. Let's start off with a relaxing hair spa shall we? First, we have the YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich. 

1.) YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich, RM42.00
Direction of usage :
After shampoo, apply YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich throughout your hair especially at the end. Then, cover hair with warm wet towel for about 10 minutes before rinse. It also can be use in place of conditioner after shampoo.

Rich, thick texture, just like other conditioner and hair mask. Yup, it contain milk protein but nope, it definitely don't smell like milk. So, don't worry girls xD Instead, it has a very pleasant smell which similar to talcum powder :) A spoon / spatula might come handy.

Based on its instruction of usage, it is best to cover hair with warm wet towel for 10minutes before rinse after applying it. However, it's pretty predictable that i'm too lazy to do that hahahh xD But surprisingly, it still works. I use it as my conditioner. My dyed hair appear to be less dry/frizzy, tangled-free and more healthy looking. I think maybe because it contain argan oil(?) From what i know, argan oil is specially used to make hair softer, silkier and shinier...Added with coconut oil and milk protein, voila! We have this :) Pretty impressed that i am actually able to see the result instantly after just one wash. 

2.) YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath, RM20.00
Direction of usage :
Pour spa Milk Salt Shower Bath on your hand. Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin. Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water. After use, you can feel your skin softness and smoothness.

Rich milky aroma~ Smell really nice and yummy :9 Sandy texture, contains tiny beads of salt, and yellowish in colour. Through my research, i also got to know that this product is actually one of YOKO's prestige product. It has maintained its popularity not only locally but also internationally. Well, i agreed :))

This is actually my most favourite among the four. I can actually feel the difference instantly in just one use. I love products that can give me instant result lol. Having dirt and dead dull skin slowly being scrubbed off is the best feeling ever. EVER. But be careful, do keep in mind to not over scrub. People tends to be mistaken and thinks that the harder you scrub, the better it is. Wrong. Being too harsh to our skin and over scrubbing will only leads to redness and irritation. For body scrub like this, gentle scrubbing it will do, its sandy texture and salt granules will do the rest ;) Personally thinks that this Milk Salt seriously do a very good job in exfoliating. Skin obviously feel soft and smoother after first usage. ^.^

3.) YOKO Milky Body Lotion, RM35.00

4.) YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protein, RM30.00

Both body lotion and butter cream have a very pleasant scent. YOKO Milky Body Lotion has a lighter texture compare to the Butter Cream. Thus, which is why in my opinion, i think that Butter Cream is more suitable to use it at night when you're at home whereas the Body Lotion will be wiser to use it in daytime as it is non-sticky nor greasy and has lighter texture. Recommended for dry skin, especially for office ladies whom most likely to spend most of the hours in an air-conditioned room.

Doing milk spa is not a dream anymore! and even better, you can do it at home, any time you want! :DD Affordable, and easy! Who says milk spa is only for the rich? hahaha :p 

Wish to give it a try? Head over to NattaCosme now! Other than these milk range, there are also plenty other choices and flavours of YOKO products available.

Exclusive news! 
Key in "LOVEYOKO" upon checkout to enjoy 10% discount for ANY yoko products!
Hurry up! This special offer only available till 31 December 2014!
p/s: It makes a good X'mas present as well, girls will surely love it :))


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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Note to Myself

A very kind person shared this with me today. I find it so meaningful and i knew i just have to share it out :') A Note to Myself. And to you, who are reading this right now.

"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it".

If you are having difficult times like me right now, here's something to comfort you :)
Don't lose hope and be strong. Remember, it might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever.
All the best to me and you :)