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Thursday, 25 December 2014

NOTD | MY Christmas Nails!

It's finally that time of the year again! It's Christmas!

 There are countless of Christmas Nails that i've browse through the net and finally I've create my own version of Christmas nails too! :D What do you think? Personally i quite impressed with it of course :p hahahh I pour in alot effort and time creating please tell me you like it even if you don't :p

Sharpening my humble manicure skill; using dotting tool, stripping tape and a drawing brush to create this set of Christmas Nails. Usage of red, green and gold colour which resemble the glamour,.. the bliss and joy of Christmas. The reason why I decided to only stick to the usage of the three main chosen colours in my design because i want it to feel like a set, in the same 'family' which links to one another. And yeap, i guess that's about it, my own version of Christmas Nails '14. Hope you all like it.

Christmas tree, present, candy cane, Santa, Elf - checked!
Have a merry Christmas with your love ones xx ^◡^

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