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Saturday, 24 January 2015

BEAUTY | Secret to Natural Long Eyelashes - REVEALED! [Part III]

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The secret to healthy natural long eyelashes - REVEALED! 
If you are one of those who had always envy others for their beautiful long eye lashes, well...envy no more! Having natural long eyelashes is not a dream anymore! And the best part don't even need to go to those aesthetic beauty clinic to achieve long eyelashes! How? I'll tell you how! :D It's time to wave goodbye to fake eyelashes!

Here's my result after 3months of Realash Eyelash Enhancer therapy!! 
Impressive or what?! O.O!

View my initial progress since day01 of the therapy here :

How does it really works? 

Generally, our eyelashes takes about 30 days to grow. The main concern is that, most of the times mature eyelashes fall before new ones are fully grown and thus it causes a visually unpleasant effect. With the application of REALASH, it actually helps our eyelashes to grow faster and stronger. Our eyelashes will start to look longer and fuller after several weeks of treatment. Don't underestimate this tiny bottle of Realash. One bottle of this 3ml nutrient is actually sufficient to last you up to 4-5 months! Just apply it once a day in the evening/night, sit back, and wait for the result!

The only cons that i think in this product is that it takes time to see the result and patience is highly needed lol. You need to be very hardworking and not forget to apply it daily. Other than that, it's all good! No allergies, no side effects, no nothing! and most importantly, it able to give me solid result! Worth my time! :3 hehe /happy dance

Now everybody can have long beautiful eyelashes! like me :p hahaha

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