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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine ; Last Year Today

Throwing back to last year today, being super thick face begging asking strangers to buy roses from us for graduation fundraising. Now think back tears also wanna roll down lol pathetic. Sibeh yamgong! hahahahh. There were four of us in the group and the sad thing is...four of us are introverts =.= It was such a challenge lol. Not to mention that it was raining heavily as well. Time was running out as we arrive quite late. I stare at you, you stare at me. You wait for me, i wait for you. In the end really no choice...die die also need to force myself to do it. Still remember how my partner and i approach the strangers one by one...and got rejected for countless times. Really need alot courage...not everybody is willing to do it. That moment when you got rejected really damn mem-per-sia-sui-kan! Hurttt lol. Ought to be super thick face and put down your dignity. Got rejected one time, two times, three times, and even met rude strangers...but eventually got used to it :D Consider not bad for first timers like us...righttt? At the end of the today, we sold off almost everything in our basket and guess what? My team actually manage to raise the most funds among others :) huehuehue Effort paid off! Each penny we earned also got blood got tears sweat! Feeling proud :p 

It was a memorable experience that i can even replay the whole scene in my brain right now lol. On the positive side, at least i got to spent my valentine with my besties last year. It was precious. 
Good friends don't let you do silly things... . .  .alone. 
Feeling so much of nostalgic right now. Anyway, Happy Valentine Day peeps!
Whether you're taken or still single like me fml , remember to stay awesome and have a great day! :)

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