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Sunday, 1 February 2015

BEAUTY | IPL Underarm Treatment @ Bubble Gum Wax

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To look gorgeous and confident when we are in sleeveless top >> that's what every girl wants. 
I believe having hairless underarm is every girl's dream. I remembered seeing some girls with a forest under their arms when they were in tank tops. It was....awkward. And i can't even unseen it. I don't know, maybe some people can accept it but definitely not me. It is embarrassing. Having hairless underarm not only to look good but also for hygiene reasons. I do understand that sometimes it can be such a hassle to have our underarm shave every few days. And thus, people invented this IPL and waxing thingy which enable us to go hairless permanently. Awesome-ness! I've actually heard of it and been wanting to try it out long time ago but i do not know where to find or which outlet is good and affordable. And recently, i happened to came across Bubble Gum Wax and finally got the chance to try it out :D

Was pretty lucky and honoured to be invited to the grand launch of Bubble Gum Wax's 2nd outlet in Casa Tropicana the other day together with other bloggers. Nice meeting you all! I did my first IPL Underarm treatment there as well. Their interior damn chio! haha..super trendy! This kind of design is pretty 'in' right now, totally the opposite from their 1st outlet in Plaza Damas, KL or any other beauty clinic interior which is quite boring formal. Loving the raw and bare concept of their interior, the walls are left unfinished with bricks. This kind of concept is actually quite a brilliant idea as it can save cost as well :p haha just saying...

Sharing with you all my first experience on their IPL underarm treatment. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. For hygienic reason, the consultant will first clean our underarm, before shaving off the hair (if there's any). It is to ensure that the light will be able to zap directly to the hair follicle, or at least nearest to the hair follicle to forbidden the growth of hair using the IPL machine. A layer of cooling gel will be applied to protect our skin. Power will be adjusted accordingly depending on individual condition, so need not worry. We will also given a special goggle to protect our eyes as it produce a very bright light when zapping. The entire treatment only takes less than 10minutes.

My treatment was done by Joyce, a very friendly and cheerful lady. She explained everything that i needed to know in detail. Everything is done in a very professional manner. The consultant chat with me through the entire process that i didn't feel awkward at all. Well done cause she succeeded in distracting my attention lol. Some people might feel slight stinging sensation but surprisingly for my case, it was totally not painful at all. She commented that my hair was very fine and she use the maximum high power on me and i did not feel anything at all. It was painless. Condition varies on individuals, depending on the thickness of the hair and so on, but i was pretty lucky that my hair was quick fine. It normally takes several times of treatment to get rid of the hair permanently, but again, condition still varies on individual.

And yeah, that's basically how's an IPL treatment will be like. Hope my brief explanation helps you girls to understand better :) It was a pleasant experience, i'm definitely looking forward for my next visit there. ^◡^

Other than that, Bubble Gum Wax also provide waxing for boys as well. Yes, BOYS. 
And currently, they are having the Valentine's Day promotion (valid till 28th Feb '15) :
& get 50% off on your next visit! 

Ring 'em up or visit their website for more info :
Official website :
Contact : +603-78870669 (Casa Tropicana)

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