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Thursday, 12 March 2015

NOTD | Pictorial : How to apply Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are one of the simplest and quickest method can be used in creating beautiful eye-catching designs on the nails rather than those usual ordinary plain nail polish ones. It is super easy to do as well. All you need to do is just simply peel off your favourite nail sticker design and then stick it on your nails as desired. Yup, that simple! Sharing a pictorial, showing step by step on how i did my nail stickers art.

Tutorial : How to apply Nail Stickers; Step by Step

1) The tools you need; a small scissors, a nail file, a tweezers, top coat nail polish and of course, the nail sticker of your choice. 
2) Firstly, decide on which sticker design / size to fit which nail. Ensure that your nails are dry and clean. 
3) Carefully peel off the sticker from the sheet and hold it using the tweezers. Make sure only small part of the sticker is touched so that the glue of the sticker will not be messed up. 
4) Gently place the sticker on the middle of your desired nail. Then, slowly press down the remaining part and adjust accordingly to the curve of your nail. 
5) Cut off the extra part of the sticker. 
6) Using the nail file, file the tip of the nail to achieve a smoother edge. 
7) **Finished it with a layer of top coat (optional). And...tadaaa!! there you go, as easy as ABC! ;) 

**Generally, people say that nail stickers do not require a topcoat. Using a top coat would shrink or dry out the stickers. But...i use it anyway lol because i wanted it to last longer and scratch-resistant..and it was not too bad haha xD 

Have fun doing your own nail sticker art! xx


  1. I have nail sticker at home and clueless how to make it works. Lazy to 'google' it out. Thanks to have this tutorial from you.