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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

BEAUTY | Review : Neutrogena Hydrating and Brightening Foaming Cleanser

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Got my hand on Neutrogena's latest improved products, both Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening and Hydrating Foaming Cleanser, which is just newly launched in Malaysia. Double brightening and hydrating power bringing duo benefit for healthy radiant skin.

 Here's the colour comparison between the normal Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser with the other two Deep Clean Hydrating and Brightening Foaming Cleanser. All three cleansers have the similar rich and creamy texture.

Neutrogena Hydrating Foaming Cleanser is light blue in colour, with a very pleasant scent. It claims to have 2x Hydrating Power which gives you longer lasting oil control, and moisture boost for cleaner, softer, and suppler skin with every wash. It is enriched with ingredients; Copper Gluconate, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Water; which able to hydrate our skin with double moisture boost power.

Neutrogena Brightening Foaming Cleanser has a very light pinkish shade with a very mild mulberry scent.It claims to have 2x Brightening Power. It contains mulberry extract and clinically proven whitening vitamin complex; AA2G Ascorbyl Glucoside; that able to boost skin fairness and brighten skin with every wash.

I've been using these two alternately twice a day for the pass two weeks. Both gives me a refreshing squeaky clean feeling after cleansing. I usually use the Hydrating Foaming Cleanser in the morning to rehydrate my face after long night in the air-condition room. I notice that it is easier for me to put on my make up afterthat and it even last longer and not cakey. So I guess it actually does improve my skin and help in oil control :)

As for the Brightening Foaming Cleanser, i prefer using it in the night time, after work, to remove all the dirt and residue of my make up thoroughly. But i guess i did not use it long enough to observe any obvious brightening effect (yet?)...Actually my face tends to be very sensitive to any brightening or whitening products in the recent years...but fortunately this brightening cleanser is quite okay on my skin. It did not tingle or cause any redness nor allergies to my face. 

Both cleansers are oil-free, dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic, so need not to worry. Besides, their price is pretty affordable as well! Check these out at your nearest Guardian and Watsons stores today :D

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