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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

FASHION DIARY: Get Trendy with Clip-In Highlight Hair Streaks

Hello beauties! Welcome to my Fashion Diary! In this post, i will be sharing about the latest hair trend that i'm recently obsessed with! Ever dream of yourself in beautiful pastel hair? Or have you always wanted that funky hairstyle colour of your favourite Kpop idol? Well then you're on the right post! This post might help you to achieve those stunning hair that you ever dream of! Haha well kinda. Almost? ≧◡≦

  Yeap, you're right, it's clip-in highlight hair streaks! I'm madly in love with these man goshhh ツ
Let's get trendy with colourful hair streaks! I bought 'em from Taobao and it were dirt cheap! It only cost a few cents per streak. Definitely a steal, and the quality is not bad as well. You may also find it in our local stores of course but will probably cost you a bomb, some up to RM5-6 per streak. They are plenty in the market, all sort of colours available either in straight/natural wavy or curly. There are even ombre dip-dye ones. Yeshh pretty exciting isn't it?!! ^◡^

How to wear it? How to make it look more realistic?
Lift up a small section of your hair (make sure it is sufficient to cover the clip), and clip the artificial hair underneath. Put down the hair, hiding the clip underneath. Slightly adjust it, ensuring the clip is secure and will not fall. Comb your hair with a comb/fingers, 'blending' both artificial and real hair together. Remember, our whole idea here is to make it looks like our real hair. Make sure to trim the ends according to your hair length. This is very crucial in order to achieve the best result. As for girls with curls, guess what? Just like how you normally curl your usual hair, you could actually curl these artificial hair as well but taking note of the temperature. Setting the power too high might end up scorching / destroying the artificial hair! So take note ya girls.   
It looks good on tie-up hair as well :)
My favourite gotta be the turquoise green undeniably!!! Oh dusty pink is not bad as well!

Now, let me tell you what are so great about these! Firstly, as you already know, these are not permanent. Thus, you can switch and mix & match with whatever colour you want, depending on your mood and matching with your ootd :D Fuss-free and very easy to put on.. Just clip it and you're ready to go.

Plus, it will not harm you hair as well, unlike dying your hair or bleaching it permanently at the salon. Oh! And the colour will not fade!!! The colour remain the same no matter how many thousand times you wear!! :DD And most importantly, it is cheap! You can look cool and chio without costing you a bomb! (*▽*)

Other than that, i am also aware of the fact that most of you cannot dye your hair into light colour  / too funky due to your profession...because we need to look presentable in front of the client zzz....which is why the reason i introduce you girls this awesome stuff :D You can look 'professional' during working hours, at the same time release you inner funkiness during your own free time when you're out for gatherings with friends or attending events. Cool right :)

I wear it to almost everywhere i go, to outings, events and sort. I even wear it to work lol (i'm a designer fyi). It blend so well with my hair as if it is really my hair haha! Love it! However, if you have frizzy hair then it might not look as real i think. But thankfully my hair condition is still consider okay, thanks to Yoko Hair Spa Milky Treatment that i've been using for these few months. Many of my friends actually thought that it is real and admire it very much...and eventually my hair will end up being their topic of the day lol! I mean i can truly understand that, just girls being girls as usual. Everyone just wanna look good and catch up with the trend :) Thus, i decided to make an effort and write this post here, sharing my secret with you girls and yes, you're most welcome :p haha. 

My unicorn hair! Just can't get enough of these! Any pastel lover here?

How i wish that i can have these beautiful hair colours for real too...but nahhh :/ it is really expensive plus do not last long. But i shall still try it some day lol :3 

Have a nice day girls, hope you enjoy reading my post :) xx see ya!


  1. Amazing, love it* Monika from Slovenia;) i follow you:)

    My blog:

  2. omg... i want those clip in highlights <3
    it look so cuuute <3

  3. oh gosh look nice and naturally blend too.

  4. Your hair is soooooooo good babe!! And turns our the hair clip looks so natural, I really thought it's a real highlight!

    x Nicole Yie

  5. Hello! Don't know if you still have the link to it but i'd love to buy it! Can't seem to find pastel ones now though. All are solid colours. Please let me know if you've come across the link. Thanks! :D