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Sunday, 21 June 2015

NOTD | LoveNail Stickers Manicure; Cute Pastel Nails

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Good day ladies!! For all nailart lovers, I've got something exciting to share with you girls yo! Check out my latest NOTD featuring cute pastel nail stickers from Hishop. Sweet & kawaii ^◡^

Love Nail [Little Twin Stars] : 
The set consist of 20 cute nail strips, a nail file, a double headed stick and zipper bag.

What is so special about these nail stickers? 
LoveNail nail stickers are different than those usual nail stickers we see in the market because it is made of nail polish, and not paper. It is a 3in1 Nail Stickers which consist of Base Coat + Colour Coat + Top Coat.

Love Nail stickers gives professional salon-quality manicure with perfect shiny nails in just few minutes. Very fast and easy to apply with zero drying time. Basically anybody can do this, as it needs no special skills, thus no more time wasting in the nail salon, and it's cost saving too! :)

How to apply?
As stated above. The way to apply this is actually pretty similar like applying any other nail stickers which i've mentioned step-by-step in detail HERE. But before that, remember, sticker bond with nails poorly if nails are dirty or with hand cream. Ensure that nails are completely dry and clean before use. Remove nail polish before applying the stickers.

The final outcome. Pretty isn't it? :p Very natural looking as if i really painted it myself lol. My friends are all admiring my nails, they love it so much! Imma proud xD

Other than the kawaii looking ones, there are also a variety of other gorgeous designs available. Check out HERE for more beautiful designs. Grab yours today at Hishop, price RM49.90 per set.

Use my code 'JULIANNA' to enjoy an exclusive rebate of 15% !!
Don't say i didn't share yo!

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Till then, xx :)
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  1. Oh that nail sticker look so sweet. Love that it come in pastel colors