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Monday, 8 June 2015

FOOD | Walnut Cafe & Bar @ PFCC, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Great news to all Puchong kakis! Incase you all still didn't know, there's a new cafe in town yo woohoo! Another good spot to hang out, no need to travel so far anymore. Finally had the chance to check out Walnut Cafe Bar. The cafe is so eye-catching that it did not fail to grab my attention since day01 of their renovation. Haha #itsaninteriordesignthing :P 

"WALNUT CAFE & BAR is more than just a place for good food, relax and chill. Every corner in our place are designed to be an art piece. It is meant for peoples who love art and design, and great for photo shooting, too! The name of WALNUT inspired by the wood material of the tables that we use in our place. WALNUT is one of the most strong, hard and durable woods that is great for doing table top."

Photo Credit to the rightful owner.

These kind of raw-industrial kinda design with wood, steel, brick walls kinda material is actually pretty mainstream nowadays. Loads of cafes out there are doing the similar concept, but i got to say that this is an exception. Something about their design that captured my interest. Very fascinating interior, which pretty much align with their restaurant concept; Eat + Drink + Chill + Deco. A nice spot to chill with the relaxing ambiance and breathtaking deco. Wished that i had taken more shot of their beautiful interior!

New Day (Cucumber, Lychee & Lemon), RM10.90
Happy Life (Mango & Pineapple), RM12.90
Refresh (Preserved Plum & Ambola), RM8.90
We ordered three drinks and sadly to say that am only impressed with the Happy Life [Mango + Pineapple]. The New Day [Cucumber, Lychee + Lemon] were like plain, tasteless cucumber juice (cant taste any lychee nor lemon), and the Refresh [Preserved Plum + Ambola] were so-freaking-sour for Heaven's sake -.-" It is supposed to be like that or is it just me? Like seriously... PLAIN SOUR, just imagine putting lemon in your mouth... . .yeap >.<

Misto Salad, RM13.90
This salad is seriously not bad yo! Combination of fresh ingredients; strawberries, baby tomatoes, and sweetened pineapple cubes with a variety choices of salad leaves and sprinkle of crunched walnuts mixed in their house dressing. Very nice colours and very appetizing as well. Those who prefer something light with no meat, maybe can give this a try! :)

Party Snack, RM28.90
A basket filled with a mixture of chicken nuggets, spring rolls, curry samosa, and onion rings. Nothing much to expect, just a basket of tummy-filling snacks.

Skinny Pizza, RM21.90
Their signature pizza. Chicken meat, onion, Mozzarella cheese with napolitan paste in crispy thin crust. Gotta confess that this pizza is da boom! Every bite was filled with generous amount of cheeseee omnomnomnom! Eat first, diet later okay! :p

Wagyu Patty Pasta, RM25.90
Meat patty, running egg, spaghetti and cheese. It was supposed to be a beef patty, but we requested to change it to chicken since we don't eat beef. Hmm, it was not what i expected. The chicken patty is too bland, not flavourful enough to be paired with the spaghetti :/ overall taste also soso only...rather bland as well. The spaghetti was kinda overcooked, and the Parmesan cheese really too little lor walao, only a small tiny patch at the middle that you can barely even taste / notice it from the picture zzz T.T

Red Velvet, Devil's Chocolate, Mini Cake Opera, RM13.90/slice
Tried three types of cakes, the chocolate one, the red one and the nuts one. Devil's chocolate is too chocolaty to my liking, but i bet chocolate diehard fans will enjoy it very much! Mini Cake Opera was...uhm okay i guess, but personally i still prefer the red velvet. It taste as good as it looks! My guilty pleasure mmhmm :)) /drools

Service wise..need to be improved though. We sat at the 1st floor, and it actually took quite some time for the staffs to notice us. Nobody serve nor bring us the menu that i need to personally go all the way down and request it myself. Twice. The cons of sitting upstairs i guess -.- There should be a call bell for upstairs or something. Fortunately, everything after that was good. The food serve very fast as well. Oh and i'm quite impressed that their waiter actually memorised our order instead of jotting it down somewhere! Or maybe it's just our table idk..but still not bad eh lol.

Tel : 03-8052 6607 | Opening hours : 11am-1am
G-10, Ground Floor, Tower 4&5, PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong New Village, Selangor

Overall still had a very enjoyable night there. Finally a short break from work, and some quality time with family! Everything has been crazily hectic since i switch to a new interior firm last month. Been neglecting my friends and family, and all the outings, events and all. Physically and mentally exhausted, but hopefully things will get better soon! Recharging myself and ready to start again!! Just a little reminder to whoever reading this right now, work is important but remember to save some time for your love ones as well! Let's fight together my friends! xx


  1. that pizza look super cheezilicious!!!! love your extra notes to your reader. So true! we may be busy but try to make it balance life.