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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Still freak out over the fact that i was that close to become his victim. Speechless. I...i don't know how exactly should i feel or what should i say right now. I still couldn't believe it.

I'm pretty sure some of you, especially those who are living in Puchong, are aware of the news about a pervert that ejaculate into a staff's bottle in a hotel in Bandar Puteri recently. I am aware of this news over these few days, it was shared all over my Facebook...though i didn't really bother it much..just thought it was another unfortunate sick case. Not until i saw the article yesterday, the pervert got arrested and his half censored face was in the article. I WAS SHOCKED. I RECOGNISED HIM AT FIRST SIGHT EVEN WITH HIS HALF CENSORED FACE. I searched over the net for the uncensored version and it left me in shock. HE IS THAT SAME GUY THAT HAD FOLLOWED ME. TWICE. 

The first incident was back in few months ago when I was still working in Bandar Puteri. Broad daylight. Went to work as usual at normal working hours. I dropped by a restaurant to takeaway breakfast and i was somehow aware of a guy outside of the restaurant. As i left the restaurant, that sicko left as well and followed behind me. Initially i thought maybe it's just a coincidence and i was the one who think too much. As i arrive the lift, that sicko was actually gonna get into the same lift. I started to get a little suspicious but it was too late..i did not think much that time and i got into the lift anyway :/ Yes, I'm too dumb x.x And come to think of it, i was actually really fortunate that there was another lady who appeared last minute just in time and three of us got into the lift together. We were going different floors and that sicko left before me. And i really thought I'm the one who over sensitive and think too much. I never see him again after that. Only get to know when the restaurant owner asked me whether do i know that 'guy' because she saw him following me and he actually told her that he is waiting for me when she handed him the menu WTF!#!*%#@!!?!!! I was...confused. I mean, what is he trying to do?? 

After quite some time, just few weeks before i left my former company, i met him again. And this time, i am really effing sure that the sicko is following me! Went to work as usual. Broad daylight. From far at the opposite road i was aware of few people there...but i didn't really pay much attention cause, you is really pretty common, just people here and there... . .and i was already arriving the lift. I was wrong. Just briefly after i pressed for the lift, The moment when i turned, that guy is behind me FML. I recognised that face! Without a second thought i headed towards the staircase and just run for my life!!! Once bitten, twice shy. This time, i don't care whether am i the one who think too much or whatever, my instinct just tell me to flee and not get into that lift. Praise the God, i was very, very lucky. On my way up, i met an acquaintance who coincidentally happened to be there that day at that critical moment goshhh! I shouted for his help and that sicko fled by the time he went down to check. Terrifying but thankfully nothing happens. 

I saw the news and i really couldn't imagine what would've happen if i got into the lift that time. It shivers me even to think of it. In short. I still couldn't believe that i've actually escape from that pervert. Twice. I really didn't know it was that serious and that sicko is actually a pervert! I'm...too naive dumb. I gave too much stupid excuses to myself. My instinct was right. What would you do if you were me? I just wanna say that i was really really lucky and couldn't express my gratefulness. Really thankful to the that two crucial person who appeared just right in that critical moment and 'save' me. Know what? God is great. God is just great. Able to wake up, go to work, live and returned home safely every day is a blessing. Thank you for all the blessing. Thank you for being my guardian angel Dad. Thank you. #blessed


  1. OMG!!! Thank God you are safe dear!! Really need to take note of your surroundings more.. Nowadays there are really crazy people everywhere!!


    1. Yes Miriam! Really need to be alert 24/7!! :S

  2. Thank God! nothing unfortunate happened to you dear! Take extra careful ya...too many psycho nowadays!