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Sunday, 23 August 2015

RANDOM | That cute plastic bag...

Oh nothing, just a random plastic bag in office which i found it fascinatingly cute lol. Even cuter after added in my editing :pp (or maybe not haha). And yea, hang on, beautiful! Just hang on! Do not give up just so easily...eventhough at some time you may feel so damn shitty and stressed up at work till you just have the urge to give up everything and escape from the reality or lay in your bed all day. Yeap, adulthood sucks zz... . .  . Just remember to hang on my dear! Hang on alright!!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

EVENT | Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Road Tour @ Mid Valley, KL

'LANEIGE'. Does it sounds familiar to you? I bet the first thing that come in to your mind must be their best selling Water Sleeping Mask! Haha :D Laneige products are famous for their effective hydration properties, and this time Laneige is gonna surprise us again with their new BB cushion after it became a big hit in Korea. It is selling like hot cakes with it multi-functional use and convenient touch-up anywhere, anytime. 

Laneige had previously made a beauty road tour in Bangkok, followed by Singapore and then finally, Malaysia~!  The Beauty Roadshow was held last week at Mid Valley, KL. It was a really enjoyable and successful event i would say. It had drew such a huge crowd to the event with never-ending exciting activities, fun games, performance, free samples, attractive prizes and more!

Something out of the topic again but I got to confess that i really love their exhibition design. So cute & creative! The stage is designed to be a huge Laneige BB Cushion! And look at the seats with the gigantic 'cushion puff'! So matching and into the theme! Cutee!! :D #itsaninteriordesignthing 

Exclusive interview with special appearance Korean Celebrity Model, Hwang Se-On, sharing with us her journey with Laneige and some of her beauty secrets. Laneige BB cushion is definitely one of Se-On must have items because it manage to conceal all the flaws and is very long lasting with very minimal touch up needed throughout the day. You can use it anywhere at anytime which is very convenient. 

The event continued with the make up demonstration by the Korean makeup artist, Cat Koh. She's a funny lady with a very good sense of humour. Her entire presentation was very entertaining. Most importantly, i managed to learn more useful makeup tips and tricks from her! Cat demonstrate and update us with the latest makeup trend in Korea. Now tell me who doesn't envy those dewy 'boing boing' Korean skin! *.* Spot the difference on the model! #powerofmakeup :)

[ Why choose Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control)? ]
6 Benefits with 1 Touch

Pore Purifying Complex purifies pores and protects skin against pore trouble.

Excellent coverage of pore and skin bumps with soft focus powder which diffuses light.

Powerful dual powder formula of anti-darkening and sebum control powder regulates shine for a fresh and supple-looking complexion.

Strong resistance against perspiration and sebum for long-lasting make-up.

Fresh cooling sensation instantly cools the skin surface to refresh and soothe fatigued skin.

SPF 50+ PA+++ offers strong protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage.

Which to choose?

There is a total of two types of BBcushion from Laneige, the Whitening and the Pore Control, with 6 shades to choose from. I understand from the beauty consultants is that the Pore Control one is more suitable for Combination / Oily skin. For those who have combination / oily skin like me, you can go for the Pore Control. If you have dry skin and prefer something more hydrating, you can opt for the Whitening one. Pore Control might not be as hydrating as the Whitening one, instead it is semi-matte to keep you looking fresh and oil-free throughout the day. 

Goodies i got from the event. Currently it has already been a week since i started to use my Laneige BB cushion and i loveee it man!! :') *sniff sniff* Can't wait to try 'em all and share my review with you girls! Hopefully i'm free to update soon. Stay tuned!!

For more info, log on to :
Official Websites : LANEIGE | LANEIGE MSIA
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