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Sunday, 23 August 2015

RANDOM | That cute plastic bag...

Oh nothing, just a random plastic bag in office which i found it fascinatingly cute lol. Even cuter after added in my editing :pp (or maybe not haha). And yea, hang on, beautiful! Just hang on! Do not give up just so easily...eventhough at some time you may feel so damn shitty and stressed up at work till you just have the urge to give up everything and escape from the reality or lay in your bed all day. Yeap, adulthood sucks zz... . .  . Just remember to hang on my dear! Hang on alright!!

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  1. Hi Julianna! Very creative to make it like Ghibli cat. so cute. Yeap! I agree adulthood sucks and those in childhood wanna be adult so quickly to get more freedom.