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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid, KL

Cute pastel kitty namecard ♡

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, Sunway Pyramid KL officially open its door for business today! 
Thought of celebrating bff birthday in this special cafe today since coincidentally it is grand launching on the same day as well...but too bad, no luck :( I think we arrive as early as 10:30am today but the queue were already crazily long lol. Guess everybody is following the hype huh? #Malaysians Decided to give up half way in the queue cause it really seems impossible for us to make it. Nahhh, it's okay..not worth my time :p I don't really fancy Hello Kitty anyway... 

Crazy queue as early as 10:30am! and it had been stationary ever since lol

Thank God we made a smart choice! God knows how long those hardcore Kitty fans had been waiting..i heard it was about 4-5hours long! Plus, their service is kinda slow as well, which is understandable since it's their first day with overwhelming response and situation got out of control. Had a glimpse through from outside and the interior of the cafe looks pretty nice! Not sure about their food but as an professional interior designer, i 'll definitely return to visit 'em again. I'll be back! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Mandatory OOTD :pp

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