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Friday, 18 September 2015

YesterYears | College Life in TOA : Friendship

YesterYears | My Life in The One Academy; Friendship

Okay the title says it all. Now, before you continue, go grab some popcorn (and tissue if necessary), do some body stretching and eye exercise..because this is gonna be a longgg boring meaningful post with pictures all over. Don't say i didn't warn ya, read at your own risk! ;) Dedicated to YOU, who's stalking me right now...recapping my 3 years of college life with 3 years of companion by the amazing friends. I shall read this post again few years later from now. i wonder how would i feel that time.

My first photo in The One Academy! Hahahaha surprisee! It was during Splash Time! My journey with TOA started here. It was a priceless shot and this picture sibeh got historical value! xD We were fated to meet since day01. p/s: You don't need to know where i got this picture from lahh Yes, i'm talking to you and you're welcome :pp

One of the best part of studying in The One Academy was we were granted free membership card to Sunway Lagoon for one whole year! :D Definitely miss those times when we get free unlimited access to Sunway Lagoon. We can enter whenever we want to #likeaboss lol. Went to Haunted House for so many times but still scared haha

That time when we have to stay back at college to discuss about our group assignment. Went to the library so frequently that it almost felt like home. not.

The RED army. ID1105-2 decided to be sibeh 'xin ji zhong' and dress up red to Creative October. Still couldn't forget how impressed is Eric Leong that time..haha memories... I'm guessing those seniors must be like 'they must be Year1 students, wait till you're in Year3' ..(only Y1 students will be so bersemangat to do these kind of nonsense lol) Nonetheless, it was still memorable :)

Oh! Remember there was one year Mooncake festival, we celebrated at the park and i drove my little Kancil to the court and NINE of us cramp together inside one small car? How on earth did we even manage do that?! LOL sillyness. Whose idea was that again?? xD Actually i could've just fetch two rounds. Come to think of it now, it was actually no big deal at all xD  It was an unforgettable experience!

A fail surprise birthday and CNY celebration with the bunch. Well, i gotta say that it touching awkward lol. I mean ya know, i'm really no good at this kind of stuff what am i suppose to do when everyone else is singing the birthday song to me? xD Should i clap and sing along or should i just fake a smile awkwardly...? haha but still appreciate it guys! :D

Went hiking together and watched sunset together. I think this is the only extra-activity by ID Club that i joined~ It was quite suffering getting up the hill but it worth it because well, at least we were doing it together :D

Our spontaneous Malacca trip. I'll never forget that open-air toilet in the room at the place we stay my gosh ~.~" and this is for those of you who like my tudung picture so much -.- nahh here you go laaa xp Friends will never let you do silly things........alone! :* Had so much fun photoshooting that night!

I still love this shot the most no matter what..never fail to make me smile whenever i look at it :') Precious shot. Please, you both really dont look ugly in this picture at all, it was a priceless expression or maybe you both are just revealing your true self and hates towards me :p #bffforever

Our first trip together and still the most memorable one to me. Sadly, most of our precious photos were already deleted. I only manage to save some :( But on the bright side, at least i manage to save some :)! Photos are gone, but memories remain...

Allow me to say that this was actually our gloriest and proudest moment during the three years! The amount of stress and hardship we been through during the competition period, only we know. Our work might not be the best,..but afterall it's was still a chance that we decided to grab while others let go. Luck was with us, and we won first prize!! :'D So many things happened, and then 'Flower Girls' disbanded. There were always three of us but then it became two. It was...heartbreaking. Ouch.

Our brief but unforgettable Penang trip, where each of us gets to stay in the same dorm. Everything has been well researched and planned, that all you have to do is goyang kaki and join the trip xD woohoo! #blessed Thank you girls! hehehh saya suka

Y3S3, all busy preparing for our final Graduation Exhibition. It was the most relaxing (not really) and the best semester during the entire three years. Although everyone was very busy, but it was the happy kind of busy. Totally stress free. It was definitely an unforgettable experience that we got to have our own photoshooting and also our very own MV! I always fantasize myself becoming a model, superstar or someone famous someday, and well, dreams do come true! xD well, sort of. blablahh /flipshair

Throwback to those days where we cursed non-stop in the spray room. All the complaining, cursing and behsong-ness >:( but at least we did it together :D haha suffer also suffer together! All the chit-chat and long talks...we were having fun while suffering :)

Then it was finally our Graduation Exhibition! Time was ticking fast, it was also time to wave goodbye.. .  . I'm so gonna get scold for putting this picture haha :p but...i really like it! So whateverrr :p #chok

One of the last few final gatherings. Karaoke session till 2-3 o'clock in the morning! @@

Soon intern life started, but i would still try my best to join all the outings with the bunch. There was one time, we traveled all the to Malacca for daigajie Brenda birthday! 

I still thinks that you look good in this picture man Mr Kwan. #modelwannabe Maintain this style la in the future, don't always do those crazy pose or that signature face pose haha! But then again, you are not you if you change. The happy pill to our group, thanks for all the happy moments...though you always like to lcly and insult people, but oh well, we forgive you :p

Even though i had already graduated, but I would still gradually went back to college to attend exhibitions and pay some of those who were still in college a visit, giving them my support. fuiyohh hahaha

With the crazily sporting shakeshake Mr Han whom beautify my college life with his neverending humour :) Learn loads from him. Every time we meet also must snap a picture and i realised our poses are always about the same lol not bad :D sufficient to start a collection already! 

And finally, it's our convo night. ID1105 reunion. Though it was just a short period of time, everybody was rushing here and there, but it was good to see everyone again. I am officially graduated from The One Academy!

Still couldn't accept the fact that my convocation had actually passed almost a year ago. Witnessing the recent convocation, I guess it's really time to put a fullstop to this chapter. Even PJS9 are no longer 'our area' anymore. The official begin to next stage of life. Everybody's leaving. Some is furthering studies overseas, some is working in Singapore, some is already planning for their future, and there's me, who is still clueless just like a lost kid. This is life. I dislike goodbyes, but..all the best people! How i wish we could stay together forever but hey, every hello ends with a goodbye :( On the positive side, not all goodbyes are bad rightt? ;) It's not like we are not going to meet again..why am i always making a fuss out of it aihh -.- 

Yup, it about time for me to step out of my comfort zone. Face the reality, get back on track and focus on our dreams. Will sure miss all the crazy times we had together...but i'm really happy for ya'all. All the best and wish you guys abundance of success! Fight for our future, fight for our dreams!! Till we meet again~ :)) Thanks for the wonderful memories xx. 

Heavenly Graduation Exhibition Theme Song !Special thanks to:Song Writer - Rebecca Chin & Vincent ChanProducer - Xian Ming Production Director - Julio #heavenly1105
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