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Monday, 26 October 2015

BEAUTY | All You Need to Know About Eyelashes Extension (ft. Pink Passion, PJ)

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Before this, i got no idea what is eyelash extension and i got to confess that i didn't even know such thing exist lol. Until recently, i got the invitation to participate in this eyelashes extension review project featuring Pink Passion Salon in PJ. What a coincidence! My friend was just mentioning about it the other day and i was still trying to digest what she said..and now *poof* i got the chance to experience it myself!  \ (•◡•) / AWESOME.

For your information, other than eyelashes extension, Pink Passion also provide facial and body massage service at reasonable price.

Here's little something about eyelashes extension that i wish to share with y'all. These are all written based on my first time experience and my personal view. Do correct me if i'm wrong. Again, what work for me might not work for you and vice versa...but i still hope it helps :)

☞☞ Everything you need to know about Eyelashes Extension ☜☜

Eyelashes Extension

What is the difference between eyelashes extension and the normal false eyelashes that we wear everyday? Eyelash extension does not require daily removal, which also means it can saves up your time and fuss free. But no, it is NOT PERMANENT. Basically the whole idea is like sticking the extension on your real existing eyelashes with some super durable glue. That's all. But of course, you need to have very good technique to achieve long lasting and natural looking lashes.

During & After the Eyelash Extension. Is it Painful?

The entire procedure will takes about 45minutes to 1hour. Is it painful? Nope. It was painless, just slightly ticklish but bearable. You should feel comfortable with the extension. If you ever feel discomfort, painful or the extension is poking as you blink, you must not be shy to voice out on the spot. The beautician are always ready to help. You might thought that it is because you are not used to it yet...but no. Remember, it SHOULD NOT be painful at all unless if the beautician accidentally clip your eyelid or something.

How do you feel with Eyelash Extension On?

To be honest, i'm not used to it initially. My eyelashes suddenly become so dark and i think i look weird on my first glance lol. But nahhh, i actually look quite fabulous hahahahh (▰˘◡˘▰). By the way, i'm not sure whether is it just me or i constantly feel that everything in my view were partially cover by the extension lol.  

How long does it normally last?

I believe this is the most frequently asked question yet the hardest question because it is very subjective and condition varies on individual. Generally, it can last up to 2-3weeks or maybe a month, depending on how durable is the glue and how you take care of it. For my case, certain chunk of lashes extension started to fell off on Day8. My lashes has outgrown the extension. Glue is visibly seen and it started to turn greyish white. It was not very pleasant. Thus, there's a need for touch-up say fortnightly(?) to ensure the lashes are always in best condition.

How to Take Care?

No worries, you can still wash your face with your usual cleanser of course, just be extra gentle at the eye area. Consider using a cotton bud to remove the makeup residue around your eye area. Avoid using an oil-based remover because it will weakens the glue of your extension. Rubbing your eyes is a big NONO (so hard to resist arghhh ಥ_ಥ haha).

Removing the Eyelash Extension.

Overall the removal procedure at the salon took about 15-20minutes. But it also depends on the strength of the glue bond between the extension and your real lashes. The stronger it is, the longer it takes to remove. It should not be painful. Do not attempt to remove it by yourself at home (unless you have some super good effective remover and you are confident with it). Or else you might end up with pain and also lost big chunk of your own lashes. You are basically putting your real lashes at risk if you do it. Sooo not worth it. Really. Don't say i didn't warn ya.

Comparing to my before and after, i realise i actually lost two big chunks of my precious eyelashes respectively on each side of my eyes! I do not know how did it happen, but.....


To be frank i really love these eyelashes! Felt that i am instantly prettier after extended my lashes lol ~(˘▾˘~) Light weight and natural looking. It really made a huge difference. With these dramatic looking eyelashes, it save up alot of my time too. Just need to put on mild foundation and my favourite lip gloss in the morning and i'm good to go. No need to spend time drawing eyeliner, mascara etc. The best part is, even with no makeup on, you will still look good lol! :P The only thing is that it is not permanent, and constantly need to go for touch-up. You are also forbidden to rub your eyes and need to pay extra attention whenever you cleanse your face / sleep etc. Otherwise, it's all good :) 

For you all who's interested to try this out..Here's a discount voucher for you! ツ
Make an appointment, print / show it to redeem your RM88 (NP RM258) eyelash extension service from Pink Passion. It comes with a free touch up within 7 days. In conjunction of Breast Cancer awareness month, 10% of the profit will be donated to Pink Ribbon. 

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