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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

EVENT | Season's Flower Show @ Eco Majestic Semenyih

Stumbled upon this event as it went viral all over Facebook the other day and decided to pay this a visit! Travel all the way to Semenyih for this Flower Show. Yes, i only come to see the flowers, not the houses hehe (▰˘◡˘▰) Definitely not near, but it is really worth the hype? Well, you be the judge! :) Read along!

Went there early in the morning to avoid the jams. Incase you are not sure know where to park, do not worry. The traffic guards there are ready to help. We parked along the road side and briefly afterthat, there will be free buggy ride which brings you to the destination. FREE ENTRANCE but registration is needed in order to get the wristband before admission.

For weekdays like this, i think it is consider it alot visitors already. I heard that the crowd were crazy on last weekend. Plus, it was still early. And the weather is really sunny. Sunglasses might come handy, remember to bring it along! They are giving out free umbrellas at the main gate (while stock last maybe?). Ready, let's go!!

First stop, Shanghai. Mandatory OOTD shot :p Must keep smiling despite the hot weather haha. A very nice place to snap pictures, i bet girls with love this place. 

Ever Bridge aka the Love Locks Bridge. Colourful ribbons and heart shape locks all over. ♥‿♥

After 4651282746 light seconds years, I'm finally in Paris! :'D Kinda. Waited so long for my turn lol. Everybody is queueing to take picture with the Eiffel Tower. Long queue man. Luckily it's weekdays, i don't think you'll be able to take any solo shots like that on weekend haha! Yeahhh

Hide myself under the shades and pray for some cool wind. Not haha. This park is sure big... Actually, not really. Just that we were busy snapping pictures at every corner of the park that it actually took us about 2hours(?) to finish one big round lol!

Next up, we have...Amsterdam! Beautiful flowers everywhere...simply breathtaking~ It sure take loads of time and efforts to maintain these beauties. Good job!

My bff aka my cameraman of the day! Thank you so much babe! And Happy Birthday!!!! :DDD Hope you enjoy yourself today hahahahh #bffuntildie 

And now i'm in London? My favourite spot among all! Happy colours everywhere! Colourful stuffs never fail to grab my attention. Can't imagine life without colours!! Loving the umbrella shadows on the ground! Cantik betul!

Beautiful show units there. Imagine yourself living in one of those, surrounding by this beautiful park and breathtaking views...ahhh life~ I will own one of that some day. Just wait and see ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

More pictures. It's really a good spot for photoshooting, don't you think so too? Perfect lighting with perfect backgrounds! You shouldn't waste the pretty opportunity okayy :p Snap, snap, snap ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ 

"Wotah! I need wotahh!" (ಥ﹏ಥ)
By the time you are nearing the exit, you'll probably feel like dying already. Dehydrated! There's a mini cafe beside the exit that you might wanna stop by and have a coffee break. Of course, don't expect it to be cheap though. But, it's better than nothing! (~˘▾˘)~

So, i think that's about it. My write on Eco Majestic Season Flower Show 2016. Hope ya'all enjoy reading it. Overall i did enjoy myself there despite the sunny weather. It's a nice place to drop by with your friends and family. If you're free on this weekend, why not pay 'em a visit? The event will be ongoing till 6 March 2016 only. Details and opening hours as followed.

Weekdays (Mon - Fri) : 
10am - 5pm (last entry: 4pm)

Weekend (Sat & Sun) :
27/2 & 28/2 : 10am - 5pm (last entry: 4pm)
5/3 & 6/3 : 10am - 8pm (last entry: 7pm)

Location :
No. 1, Lingkaran Eco Majestic, Eco Majestic,
43500 Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia

For more info, log on to :

* * Tips* *
Water is a must to bring! Sunglasses and sunblock will come handy. They are giving out free umbrellas but you might wanna bring along yours just incase. Oh, and don't forget your camera!! Free buggy ride from car park to the park and again, entrance is FREE of charge. Big crowd expected on weekend. Have fun peeps!~ 


  1. jelaous..i've been here on sunday last week..yaaa so true, it's impossible to take solo shot because of so many many many people..pffft..

  2. Sorry to hear that...haha i can totally relate, can't imagine the crowd during weekend!

  3. I loved this Season's Flower Show! Liked it a lot. I live in Los Angeles and usually attend annual flower festival at local event venue. It’s a great feeling to take a glance at colorful seasonal flowers. Really get motivated by attending such events.