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Friday, 8 April 2016

NOTD | Moyou London Stamping Nail Plate (Enchanted #13)

Unboxing my precious baby that i won through Clozette community. A big shoutout to Clozette and Moyou London, thank you so much for the gift! It's my first nail stamping kit (yeshh i finally own one!). Love these gorgeous babies ❤️ You've got no idea how much i appreciate this. If you have been my loyal readers, i'm pretty sure you girls know how much i'm into nail art too. Feel free to check out some of my DIY creations HERE☺️ #juliannacnotd

Moyou London Stamping Nail Art Kit (Enchanted Series - Plate #13). A kit which consist of a stamping plate, a scraper, a stamping rubber, a nail lacquer, and a very informative instruction manual. Not sure about the price nor whether is it even available in Malaysia.

Seriously, their packaging is so nice. Cute illustrations. Something different that totally stands out from the others. LOVE IT. A total of 18 cute designs on the stamping plate.

Kawaii! Too precious to use these babies ❤️ Got my nail lacquer in Falcon, more to greyish tone with hint of purple. I think the nail lacquer is given at random. Different kits got different colours.

My first attempt. Is it only me or it is really not as easy as it seems. Still squeezing my brain juice figuring the best way to pick up the design from the plate using the stamping rubber. Most of the attempts i only able to pick up the design partially, leaving some parts hanging here and there☹️ Or maybe it's just my cheap lacquer fault... But anyway, i'm still very excited. Can't wait to master it! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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  1. that is actually pretty perfect despite you saying it's not easy. i love nail polishes but i honestly suck big time when it comes to painting them. especially thought matte colours oh gosh! ><

    1. hi Fion! :) haha that's is because i wipe it off and reapply it for like about 32897251761 times before i get this lol!! shhh >.<