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Thursday, 28 July 2016

TRAVEL | Taiwan 7D6N Itinerary 台湾之旅 : Day01 - TaiChung 台中

Suddenly, it's August! T.T I know i've probably said this for like a thousand times, but time sure flies! With a blink of eye, it's already August and it also marks two months since my Taiwan jimui trip! I'm so excited to share my experience and Taiwan itinerary with you all! It's time to pay back! For those who will be travelling to Taiwan soon, i hope this helps :) It was a memorable trip, especially when i'm with my bunch if crazy girls! :p 

It was my first time in Taiwan and thankfully everything was good, no typhoon, no earthquake during our visit. Our trip was back in end of May, sunny weather in Taiwan, the temperature was just like in Malaysia. It was a 7N6D trip. Overall, i spent not more than 2k on this trip, including flights tickets, hostel staying, entrance fees, car rental, food, souvenirs and etc. I exchanged 1.9k+ for 15000TWD, the rate back then was 12.75 which is quite high but serve me right cause i was too kiasu and waited till the very last minute hahaha T.T

Our itinerary was : 
Malaysia > TaoYuan Airport 桃园 > TaiChung 台中 > Taipei 台北 > TaoYuan Airport > Malaysia.
Are you ready? Let's go! Up up and away~ Such breathtaking scenery...

After a good couple of hours, we finally arrived! Welcome to Taiwan :) Safely touched down. So this is how Tao Yuan airport looks like :O Amused by the architecture roof feature and the superb reflections on the polished floor tiles. Grabbed a quick hearty meal at the airport before we're off to Taichung. 

Here's the tips. Grab yourself a 'youyou' card ( 悠遊卡 ) aka Easy Card at the convenience store. There are various of cute designs for you to choose from. Cost at 100NTD per card, then reload with a minimum of 100NTD. These cards really come handy especially for those who are on budget travel like us. It's really convenient for you to use it on public transport whether on shuttle bus or the train. The credit is not refundable though, but still worth keeping one! Cute ≧'◡'≦ You could also use up the credit to buy things at the convenience store.

Off to TaiChung right after our meal. Bus ticket at 240NTD per head. The bus ride took roughly about 40minutes - 1hour if not mistaken. Time to snooze Zzz...

By the time we arrived TaiChung it's already night. Checked in our hostel and settled our dinner nearby at the FengJia night market. Basically, nothing much on Day01...and literally, Taiwan night market is equals to our Malaysia pasar malam. To me,...uhm nothing fancy lah

Did not really eat much..everything seems so common...maybe it's just me. I did tried their famous 大腸包小腸 'big sausage wrap small sausage', was disappointing to be honest (≖_≖ ) I think we went to the wrong stall. Lesson learnt. Never go for those death looking stall with less customers (≖᷆︵︣≖) Two bowl of ice dessert and that pretty much sums up our Day01 in Taiwan.

The real excitement started after Day01! :P Look out for my upcoming post on the rest of my Taiwan itinerary. Pretty sure it won't disappoints you! xx (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 


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